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    Dear Villagers,

    It has come to my attention that some people have wanted to see me banned from the server. My fourth account has now been terminated (btw 160€).

    I feel as though some people have made me unwanted on this server without good reason. Lots of rumors has been spread about me in the last couple of months and I do believe this has caused people to look at me differently. I think it's sad it had to come to this. I do think that I add a lot of great roleplay and interaction to this fine established server, on the banditry side of things.

    It's been a fun ride, friends, but it's time we go our seperate ways. It's not you, it's me..

    I do admit I have ban evaded. But my original ban that led me to ban evade wasn't on (what I believe to be) fair grounds.

    I do understand that some people like to sit around a campfire and cook food.
    I do understand that some people just like to hunt animals and live off the land.
    I do understand that some people don't appreciate my not-so-friendly way of interaction: But at the end of the day, it's a sandbox. I got banned for "being a dick"
    What is being a dick? I've robbed, I've killed, I've stolen, so? Haven't you?
    Did I do it to the wrong people? Guess so.

    In Jack Wayward's tweet he said they wouldn't ban anyone for killing an admin. But I'm here to let you know, they'll certaintly ban you if you kill the wrong people once too many. Once you're disliked they'll look for a reason to ban you and you'll be gone.

    Whether we were friends or foe, I appreciate the times we've had and respect you as a player in this sandbox game.

    Good luck out there survivors, may we meet again.
    Yours truly,
    Mike Hunt

    (To the admins, I hope you'll leave this thread up so I can say a proper goodbye and have my side of the story out there.)

    "Does number of players that are currently carrying specific gun or maybe even the amount of that specific gun stored in tents somehow affect how many of that guns will spawn out there in the world? If that's so, seems like everybody picked up, let's say AKM or statshed it somewhere so server just ran out of AKM's to spawn. Really seems like that."

    Yes, you can thank the squirrels.

    I was told to check out this post.

    That was us I'm sure. As you probably heard me say I told dear Sergei NOT to shoot you.

    You were Jack?

    Not anonymous or anything of the sort (Bad at checking Forums maybe lol)

    Never wanted you to die, if someone hasn't done me bad (and even sometimes if they have) if I'm in a situation where they can't (Or I believe they wont) hurt me, then I won't kill them.

    But yeah, we had the talk, Sergei came over, he had just shot someone else I told him NOT to shoot, but he's a bit mental. ;D

    I'll add you on steam so we can talk, in case you hve any questions or whatever. (-:

    Howdy roleplayers,

    For too long survivors have been simply wandering the wasteland feeling safe and not looking over their shoulder. All these factions who've made it their mission to keep these lands safe have been organized and in the majority.

    And for too long have bandits been wandering these lands shooting people without saying a word, backstabbing people and dishonored the bandits.

    But we've come to change this. We've set up an alliance consisting of different outlaw groups and we'll make it our mission to bring back the fear in these lands, to make sure every survivor out there will get a story worth telling and to kill the toxic playstyles of the server. There can only be room for one kind of bandit, and it sure as hell won't be a KOS or backstabbing one.

    The Bandit Coalition currently consists of:

    The Revolutionary United Front

    The Church of Dagoth

    Mr White

    Furthermore, The Bandit Coalition is proud to announce that we'll be running an Outlaw Sanctuary. A home for those who have no where else to go, a place to trade and a place where you will be rewarded for your bad deeds. The currency will be human meat.

    This place can be found at:

    The place where the woods are dark even when the sun is at it's highest.

    We'll be looking forward to bringing more proper banditry to the server and are hoping that we'll encourage others to do the same. Interaction is key! We're hoping to see more bandit groups pop up on the server too, you'll be welcome to join the coalition if you're interested.

    -Mike Hunt

    We hereby join the Bandit Coalition after voting whether to join or not. The vote was a clear yes and that is why we shall sign the contract with our new partners. Our most urgent need is human meat. Lord Dagoth's hunger is growing day by day and soon we don't have any manpower to get enough. Revolutionary United Front with the help of Mr.White have offered us a meatful deal which should fill our Lord`s needs. Berezino shall still stay as a safe haven for all the good people of this land and they should not feel threatened about moving in our territory.

    Sincerely, Reverend Stone, Father David, Acolyte Cain, Choirboy, Lawman and Bishop Jonezy

    The Outlaw Sanctuary is not simply just a home, it’s a home for those who are simply kicked to the side by society! Those who are different! It’s a place where those people can gain a reward for their crimes. The Oath will plant it’s seed and grow strong again!

    -Mr White


    The Outlaw Sanctuary is not bound to one specific faction. Any attack on the place is an attack on everyone in the coalition.

    The Outlaw Sanctuary offers a 100% no human meat back guarantee on purchases.

    Secondly, will someone please bring some class back to art of banditry?!?!?1

    Say no to KOS, pick your spots, use handcuffs, break legs, ransom requests, execute only 1 of 4 prisoners, let em bleed out, strip them down, F11, force feed , challenge other factions to full on battles, barricade people inside their bases. Say no to attacking a static base, rather challenge your skill set to secure the perimeter and target robbing incoming survivors, drop human meet at the foot of bases as a warning.....Maybe I should be a bandit?

    This makes me think of this one group... Hmm...

    Anybody else miss RUF?


    I'm going to be completely honest and tell y'all the best bandit group that has and will ever exist is RUF. Parmesan isn't a real bandit. >:)

    1. Did you guys think the village moved around too quick/ slow? (In 0.62)

    -As a 0.62 bandit nope (lol)
    -Buuut then again, sometimes I think the guards got a bit lazy and didn't move it when it was absolutely dead.

    Would you like to see it moving faster or slower in 0.63?

    -I'd like to have the village stay somewhere for around 2 weeks, but I agree with Foxy's point, so I think the village needs to move once a week or so.

    2. Which was the best/ your favourite village location.

    -Green Mountain

    Would you guys want to see the village going back to an older location?

    -Yes, and it will, many, many times but atm we want to try out new "innovative" areas. (No tents to move, but the stamina is still a huge factor here)

    3. Should there be more "movement" from the village guards around the village?

    (Should they be protecting from the outside.)

    -I don't think so, at least in the current location. The amount of times we get attacked and the attacker kills a couple and run away is pretty huge when people hang out, outside of the castle. It makes the "hit and run" very easy without any risk. Ofcourse it's cooler to have a huge area 100% protected, but it's not possible.

    -Defending from the castle is pretty easy and doesn't leave the bandits(KOS scum) with any choice, but to rush in.

    Do you guys want more locations rather than one?

    -Not possible.