How to bring light in the darkness

  • actually that was a 2 flies with one clap thing. I wanted smthg. to post when those repeating comments about darkness come up again (whitout getting too rude) and also, I wanted to have a look in this info-graphic thing - for science purpose and curiosity.

    and man, my respect for graphic designers grew exponentially. I mean you can all see that this up there has the charme of a 1984 soviet announcement that butter will get cheaper by 4 kopeks ;-)

  • Has anybody been successful at lighting a torch directly with a hand drill kit? I found myself without light on a very dark night and after groping around in the dark with a knife in my hands, finally managed to stumble into some bushes and a tree, and make a torch and hand drill kit for myself. I was unable to light it, and due to the area, I did not want to light a fireplace. So I just stumbled around in the dark, continuing to loot by feel and memory until dawn.

    For that matter, has anyone tried lighting a torch on a fireplace yet?

  • Since I'm not used to the DayZ map and basically everything else, it's kinda unplayable for me during the night hours. Running around in the dark, not knowing where I am or what I'm doing sucks so much. Last time I played I kinda got pulled through all that stuff with my faction, now that I'm learning how to play this game solo for now, I'm really having a hard time. If there's any way for mods to make the night a little less dark, that'd be highly appreciated. Because I would honestly starve and dehydrate right now, if I played through the nights, the only way to stay alive is logging off. I'm sure I'm not alone with that.

    If there's any game settings that help me see a bit better during early and late nights, that would help aswell. As soon as the night sets in, I can't see anything. And the brightness slider doesn't help at all somehow.

  • The ability to just turn up the gamma or brightness was gimped by the Devs. Night time and poor visibility is an essential immersive element to a proper immersive days experience. I don't think I am speaking out of turn to suggest this is one of the central aspects of playing in the village server. With practice darkness can be managed. Tools such as a compass, light sources, navigating by the stars, and other navigating techniques such as aiming off and hand railing all combine to allow for nightime foraging. Key geographical navigation features are still visible at night if you know what to do. Zeds can be avoided by crouching and using your ears. I am sure I am not the only player that loves the cover of dark to go about my business. Until you have mastered the dark leave it to us night crawlers. Don't rob us of the night. You will get the hang of it in time.

    Pro tip. When moving around towns in the dark have your torch in hand but switched off. If a zed spots you you can turn it on and beat the crap out of him with it in hand to guide your attack. If his mates turn up run and most importantly...always have an exit strategy. A road nearby that you can run on and get to that shed or house you passed earlier Close the door and wait it out till they loose interest.

    Good luck my friend and don't fear the night...master it o7

  • A few hours in and I can already can see how important the night is. Fully geared the night is only half as bad as I thought it‘d be. Doing crafting, eating and drinking during night or maybe approach your next destiny is great.

    I guess I was just a bit overwhelmed by the pure darkness, I feel like it adds to the experience.

  • Glad you are enjoying the night. Yesterday myself and a random guy I met reached a barn in the wilds just as night was fast approaching. We killed a goat, took the meat, made a fire, cooked steaks and crafted items then had a chat about general stuff. By the time we had done all that we had a short time to wait until first light. As you have discovered night offers time to cook, craft, plan and have a little down time with a friend. Good time management means night can be a nice opportunity to prep and chill. Think about what you need to do that day and if it can be done at night save it for the dark hours. Night is the perfect time to build a fire and cook 7 steaks for the day ahead A welcome break from the intensity of being visable and vulnerable during daylight hours.

    Good luck survivor o7

  • Don't know how much that helps you, but I consider it not far from cheating.

    its the splendid settings on ASUS monitors. considering I couldn't see a inch infront of me before I selected the setting, im guessing my settings wernt set up correctly to start with. Im sure if I messed with all the settings manualy, it would achieve the same goal.

  • Your settings weren't wrong. Everyone can't see squat at night. That's what days night is meant to look like I'm afraid. So yes it is an unfair advantage. The Devs stopped people adjusting gamma and brightness to turn night into day. Nobody can adjust their settings to improve night vision.

  • Your settings weren't wrong. Everyone can't see squat at night. That's what days night is meant to look like I'm afraid. So yes it is an unfair advantage. The Devs stopped people adjusting gamma and brightness to turn night into day. Nobody can adjust their settings to improve night vision.

    if you turn your contrast and brightness down, your night will get darker. Splendid settings are just presets that can be achieved manually. Night view isn't some magic button that lets you cheat. It's just a pre programmed setting. Like theatre view and game view. I normaly have my brightness ect turned down and havn't considerd this before playing dayz until night time became unplayable... Don't get me wrong, I can't see at a distance, everything is still dark, as apposed to seeing nothing at all, I can now see a few feet infront of me. It's either that or log out at night like I was doing. I didn't just turn night into daytime. infact i'll try take screenshots, not sure if that will work but i'll try


    SplendidPlus Video Intelligence Technology is an ASUS exclusive feature that offers 8 pre-set modes that are optimized for various multi-media entertainment scenarios. It made switching between color optimization settings easy when you need to change the color settings under different scenarios. Each mode has its own default settings for brightness, contrast, color temperature, sharpness, etc. Once you select a SplendidPlus mode, you can go into each setting and make further adjustments. If you are dissatisfied with the change you made, each mode has a reset option that allows you to recover to the default settings.

  • Your comment "I just press the night vision button" was misleading. Sounded like you had "night vision" which is more than a few feet visability. Dayz can be played in total darkness and I mean zero visability. Ok you can't loot up without using a torch but you can take long journeys navigating by compass and picking a route that crosses a feature you can detect. When you cross a road your footsteps sound different. Same with streams etc. I save long journeys and repairs, cooking and crafting for night time. With aid of a torch I can loot houses. Dayz is not unplayable at night the style of play changes. The village server aims to embrace realism and having to throttle back activity at night is realistic but to each their own. Jogging across country with no torch it utter darkness is the most relaxing moment in dayz for me. It's the one time I don't feel on edge that death could be right around the corner. I dread the day night vision goggles are in game lol