A "Dead Presidents" Story . The Rise of George Washington

  • Death is a funny thing, the last moments can be a frightening even for a Grand and confident man such as the President of the United States of America. But not I, I welcomed it as did I my Retirement. Serving the great land for 50 years I longed as to be on the Vernon, but this what not my destiny! For what I choose to suffice my own destiny is not to be, my destiny is for God to decide. My country needed me as did the people served by I.

    Death came and went for this Gent and I was finally as peace in my own heaven. Then the strangest thing happened, my greatest fear had come true. Could this be happening? In the vault I lay, those incompetent fools had buried me alive! My one dying wish had been denied! But the air was stale, my clothes were rotten, how long had I been laying in this dark place with but worms to keep my motionless almost corpse like body company? Using my Presidential hands to rip through the earth, I made my way back to the world that I was soon to find had long forgotten me.

    Punching my fist into the my new world I immediately felt a hand clamp onto mine, this was a familiar grip almost like I was shaking hands with myself. With a firm pull of leadership quality Former President George Washington was reborn! I cleared the ancient dirt from my eyes to see a face I did not know but there was something about this mans stature, his constitution, his swagger! "Of Whom do I give thanks to my fine sir" I said in a strong presidential tone. Correcting his suit jacket the man replied "I am Former President Ronald Reagan, please to meet you President Washington". Puzzled I replied "Of which country are you President"."The United States of course" he said with a smirk.

    Before I could question his his response to my question 2 other men stepped out of the shadow. Making the same outlandish claim of Presidency they conversed there names, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon of whom quickly added that he wasn't a crook which he repeated several times. Why was i here? Why now? Why George Washington! Before I could ask they Answered "We need you again Mr Washington, the fight isnt over, there is a new world in need of our leadership and we must take charge!" Again I am asked to return from my retreat of office! But how could I argue the call to arms by my brothers, there wasn't something powerful in the works here and if George Washington, The 1st President of the United States of America was need once again then God Dammit I was ready to serve!

    Shaking Mr Carters hand I gave my allegiance. "Welcome to the Dead Presidents Sir"

    Banditry is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.

  • My only question is what brings these former US Presidents to the land of Chernarus; and what business to these men have? :/ Nevertheless I still do welcome you! Perhaps we shall meet in the Village or Settlement? :saint:

  • Good day Dr Red, given the current state of disorder and general tom foolery The Dead Presidents felt there was a need to exercise some leadership and instill some healthy discipline on the residence of this land of Chernarus. I would understand a man in your profession would know greatly of the dishonor exhibited by the lesser man in this foreign land and if indeed this state is to become a haven of survivors then we have a duty to the people to correct the current path of destruction it would seem said residence are headed.

    I would think a man of such a prestige's trade as yourself Dr Red, you sir would support such an endeavor. Given for an individual to succeed in your profession a level of intelligence would be needed thus the question presented to thy seems awfully juvenile. Perhaps the infected and there obvious intellectual inabilities have rubbed off on you, non the less you have your answer.

    I look forward to future correspondence and yes indeed discussions in person would be a delight, but please be aware good sir the Dead Presidents have needs of the medical and we may request such items and i say beware because although our wish is not to harm the fellow man we demand respect. We are after all your superior, we are the Dead Presidents.

    Kind regards

    George Washington

  • Oho, but of course! ^^ I can assure you, good sir, that you do not have to worry about any sort or form of me being unaware of the blatant and malicious behaviours of some of the fellow survivors out here in the wasteland! In fact, I've been exposed to such harsh situations and have worked my hardest to try and correct these wrongdoings diplomatically with the silver tongue I've been so often told I have; as it is one of my very few yet useful skills (alongside my medical practices). Alas, these methods can only work in so many cases, so many times; and it very well may be that I'm merely lucky to be alive now, as I'm told by many that I should quit my pacifist ways and start dealing with such matters aggressively and that I'm more often than not "stepped on" by these bandits and other antagonistic forces. But no sacrifice is too great in such endeavours!

    It is true that I share with you and the Dead Presidents this great ambition of rectifying the malice found amoungst these wrongdoers and for there to be a "haven of survivors", but I simply cannot fully agree with the ideologies excersized by you and the Dead Presidents in achieving such goals; for conceding would go against everything I've worked for up until now, President Washington! The harming of other persons is not a code of conduct in my book! No matter the offense. Being the pacifict I am, it pains me disagree with you in such a way, for I like to keep as positive of a reputation as possible! So it is with all my hope that this does not put any damper on our regards for one another! :thumbup: I do realize I am in no position to dictate you gentlemen's outlook on such matters, and neither do I plan to! All my intentions are are to state my ethos, leaving behind no misconceptions. ;)

    With that being said, I'd like to confirm to you that the Dead Presidents can expect any medical assistance they may need from me, whether that be the supplies or my application of said supplies! Whatever may ail you, I'll do my best! I believe every person is deserving of the best medical treatment possible. :)

  • Hello Dr.Red, for your concerns about us harming people, be at peace, we will only harms the imbeciles that would not be willing to comply. We are not savages, we are all gentleman and will NEVER spill blood without a strong reason to do so, like not complying to us.

    People will be treated with respect and honour as long as they comply.

  • Hello Dr.Red, for your concerns about us harming people, be at peace, we will only harms the imbeciles that would not be willing to comply. We are not savages, we are all gentleman and will NEVER spill blood without a strong reason to do so, like not complying to us.

    People will be treated with respect and honour as long as they comply.

    I see, sounds a bit tyrannical, however I do believe in a sense of self-defense. If these "imbeciles" threaten your way of life, then I suppose there's not much alternative. :)