Nice to meet you all.

  • Greetings and good day.
    My name is Thecorner but friends call me Corner, I've been interested in DayZ for quite a long time and finally got my hands on the game.
    It's been a rough first few day's playing by myself on public servers so I was hoping to find a friendly comunity or two I could play around with withouth being KOS'd on public servers.
    Anyway, I hope to be part of the comunity, once I have a good setup, I'd gladely be a helping hand as a merc or incase one is needed, a scout or night guard.
    Since I'm European, I assume most of the people here are Americans and not many EU people still play. (I apoligise in advance if I'm wrong.)

    But anyway, I hope to shoot some zombies with everyone else.

    If you're curious about anything, please don't hesitate to ask.