The Return Of Chernarus Trade Union (CTU)

  • "Hello survivalists, some of you may know CTU, most of you may not. We are the Chernarus Trade Union. We are finally back from our expedition. Sadly, thou it turned bad, we are back on the plains of Chernarus ready to resume our mission. We are a group of trained and experienced individuals that have trading as main task, but we are also able to properly hold our own in guerilla and urban combat. Our main objective is to create and keep friendly key zones in which trade is encouraged. We are friendly to most of the people and we follow strict rule sets. What We Do/Deal With:
    - Trading of various equipment. (In case the equipment is out of stock there is an option for Reserving)
    - Scavenging/Retrieval Missions
    - Item Depositing
    Singed, Overseer Sasha."