Player with console access (?)

  • Hello all, so lately is something around my head. We had some series of events very distrubing. Will try to be brief.

    From one side, three times already, while raiding a base the base owners just connect to the server on our backs and kill/try to kill us. From my point of view, well, they must be just lucky, I'm playing since 2013 (three years in Village), and I have seen a lot of stuff.

    Another situation is when some of us are fighting some other group, and all of a sudden, the ones fighting get kicked out of the server by BattleEye (only the ones on the fight) so they die because they got out of the server during a fight. This also happened like 3 times in the last week.

    The thing is, I've been asking in Reddit and looks like it can be, there are players on some servers with console access (with admin rights) and they can do a lot with that, one guy in Reddit showed me some examples today and he was complaining in particular about this server. Until now I was always defending this server and recommending to anyone, but I'm starting to feel like an idiot. Are you aware of something like this happening here?

    (Before you ask, I already sent reports to spaggie just in case)

  • As far as I know looking at own private server and what I can do there without ant mods, admin access shouldn't give you that much power. Especially seeing how difficult it is to find base grieves in the logs, atleast the first one should be just very lucky what you already said. About the second point I have no idea, but that would probably more a BI problem I would say, atleast I have full trust in spaggie and his team