Wanted dead or alive...Lucas

  • Today I met a gent called Lucas. I announced my presence resulting in brown adrenaline from poor old Lucas. We chatted, traded and I gave him the village location. At the end of our dealings the friendly Lucas said "want to see a magic trick?" He said he was going to disappear. Now I have been stung by this trick before lol. Guy runs to a nearby building, takes out his gun then shoots you in the face while you stand there mouth breathing and squinting at the house he has entered. I waited for him to try this and he did. As I was unarmed I had to leave giving him a jolly "see you later buddy" as i zig zagged off into the woods. Pursued by an enraged zed. A shotgun blast rang out and buckshot sprayed past me. Now with only 8 players on the server I think it's safe to say that shot came from Lucas. I suspect he will visit the village today. If my friends at the village can apprehend this gent I would pay handsomely. Just tell me what you need guys. I will be paying a visit to the village tonight. Let's hope he does not read this post and gets a suprise when he announces himself at the gate lol

    Regards to my village friends,

    Just Jack