Game is broken

  • Hi all ive a strange strange problem

    Didn't use my pc for a week since last weekend and loaded the game normally on Saturday just gone and got in the server and my fps has dropped dramatically

    I couldn't solve it so ive reinstalled windows updated all drivers and loaded in today with the exact same problem :/

    ive reset my overclock to default on cpu, gpu was overclocked aswell but obviously with reinstalling windows that is now on default again but I have no change in the fps its gone from locked at 60fps to 20-25

    anyone have any ideas on this as im loosing my mind now :/

  • I'm not sure if it's related but I'm experiencing frame drops every ~30 seconds. It drops from 60 to 20-30 for a second or two, then it's back to normal for a while.

    Usually happens when I'm changing direction quickly but also just running straight. I think it's related to loading new parts of the map.

    I've had this since the 1.05 patch, though.

  • Ive solved it guys after a lot of pissing around

    Somehow in my bios my cpu was locked at 0.8. ghz some kind of protection thing but tbh I've no idea how it got enabled, maybe from my overclock but I've had my overclock for nearly a year with no problems anyway I disabled Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor and boom cpu speeds were back to normal well ive overclocked it again but just to 4.0ghz but for now everything seems fine

    well happy

    see you all in game Saturday :)

  • Good you found your fix! And thanks for posting it, since it may help others (albeit it's certainly specific in your case).


    I - in fact - had this enabled and set to record in background, so thanks for pointing it out! However, even after disabling that I'm experiencing said frame drops, so it's unlikely the culprit for me. :/

  • yh I hope it can help someone if they ever need it

    I don't use the game bar thing but always have shadow play running but onto a separate ssd

    whats your system specs maybe I can try help out also there is a good fps gain tutorial on youtube here have a look below I used it a few times and does help

  • Yeah, I actually had it installed on my HDD. However moving the game files to the SSD doesn't change anything.

    I'll try out the tips from the video later. Until then this is what I'm currently dealing with:


    Especially the end is very choppy. Blur in the fast-forward parts is from shitty default values in my video editing software.

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  • OK, that video (and two others that were referred by the author) fixed all my fps problems. I'm having +120fps constantly while recording and rapidly moving around. Before I struggled keeping up with a constant 30fps like you can (still) see in the video. The DayZ I'm playing now is a different game. That explains why everyone else always was able to shoot *anything* at all! =O