Roy has joined the Server

  • Hello everyone!

    I go by the name of Roy and some of you have already seen me on Discord, or maybe even in the game - although I didn't make any longer-than-one-life acquaintances yet, as most people said they're no regulars.

    My time tracked in DayZ Standalone is nearing 500h of which about 90% is prior version 0.51 which is also about the last time I played DayZ. I started back in the days with the Mod, but that's all but a faded memory and a couple privately listed YouTube videos by now. Speaking of YouTube - been subscribed to BI since the beginning and this is also how I ended up here, once I got interested in the game again. I'm not a gun nut, so don't expect me to know what gun just was fired, or to casually headshot someone eloping through a field. That being said, I'd be happy to find someone to teach me some of the new ropes anyways.

    When I'm not in a group I tend end up a hermit that roams the forests in search for good spots for a camp to throw all my equipment down at, maybe craft a couple things and plant some stuff.

    Then - from my experiences so far - I usually end up in some random firefight with only a shovel for myself, trying to loot some little town, come back to a raided camp or get integrated into a group looking for revenge/good gear and eventually die, die, die. I died from hunger, from thirst, from cold, from cholera, from shots and zombies, all in one 3 hours session this morning. If dying was a soft skill carried over characters, I'd be about hitting mastership. :D

    My current main goal is - besides setting up a camp again to free up my shoulders - finding a Walkie Talkie and get some Acquaintances. :*

    So yeah, if there's any questions you got: Shoot. Not me, I mean.