Q on voip&meta

  • I excuse if the following should obvius, to reduce babble(weak side of mine), I will try to make it short.

    The catalyst for the this question is a situation/need of my own, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought so I more or less expect to be confirmed… honnest, also a little hope not to be.

    As I see the lines that rules markup, would it be impossible to play on the Village with a person that in the same room(house even) as you, without breaking meta and voip rules?

  • meta is using the information obtained out of game, in the game so as long as you can both be mature and not use that information in game to gain an advantage, like don't watch eachovers screens when your both playing or thats the same as stream sniping etc then i don't see why not, maybe play in seperate rooms or when talking to eachover try not to give away information you shouldn't, if you can play fair you can of course

  • Yeah with leetbus is saying. In theory it is not forbidden. But especially when you are in the same room and the other person is hearable in the background, then if somebody recorded that voice in the background it is really hard to convince the admins that is wasn't a background noice of for example discord or teamspeak

  • First of all, thanks(sincerely) for reply’s and I see that we are all on the same understanding.

    Leetbus, yes we are responsibil enough to obey rules(also, monitors back to back and headset each), but meta is also giving information. You are right that with the right mindset it could be possible, the problem would be to enforce a breach of rules, therefore it seemed logic to disallow it catagorical.

    I had not thought of what Kamikazekoe96 mentions about convinsing that “background” isn’t from VOIP or stream for that matter, but I think it would be possible trough videos/audio that could be review of what information is given, if my wife is talking about anything Village relevant or just bitching in general ;) (I play in livingroom, there will be some noice). But anyway, still it nails it for me… no reason to do anything that create unnessery work and possibility for conflict, so when playing with wife(or daughter, different room tho, but same address) it just done one another server for now.

    Perhaps I’ll adopt Freerangers solution in future, but for now the needs isn’t more than it wouldn’t be worth it.

    A nice day to you all, again thanks.