The Village Community needs your help! 3rd party VOIP, racial slurs, base griefing, pointless despawning and questionable logging tactics.

  • We've seen an increased number of unsettling reports of late. Many people believe that unknown persons are using third party VOIP, racial slurs, there's evidence of constant base griefing, pointless despawning and questionable logging off tactics. If you see or even suspect any of these acts by any individual, we encourage you to report them ASAP.

    How you ask? Easy my friends!

    1. You can log a ticket at

    2. Be prepared to provide your 17 digit Steam64 ID.

    3. Provide as much detail as possible about the event(s) that took place.

    What you witnessed or didnt for that matter, time stamps, players involved, video, actions (killed/punched/dismantle etc) and screen caps. Everything helps.

    4. To further combat these individuals, we encourage you to take a few seconds to speak to your DayZ friends in-game, discord and steam, spreading the word to as many as possible about this community wide initiative.

    Placing a ticket takes mere minutes and in return, we all get hours of the DayZ experience we all come here for.

    Thanks for your support!

  • Some people are going to use VOIP, loot cycle, abuse bugs and meta game in any way possible. This is unavoidable with an open server. Wouldn't it be benefitial to make the server whitelisted with some sort of application form like on DUG? This would ensure that every player is familiar with the rules and values his access to the server.

  • Wouldn't it be benefitial to make the server whitelisted with some sort of application form like on DUG? This would ensure that every player is familiar with the rules and values his access to the server.

    This almost exclusively creates a massive player count drop and is likely why DUG is whitelisted but only turns on the list occasionally (unless that's changed. I'm whitelisted so I wouldn't notice)

    I would say the Village has enough of a following that it's always towards the top of the browser so there should be enough players willing to sign up to keep it mid to high pop at most times.

  • I despise temporary whitelists. I just imagine all of the whitelisted players don't play until they know they're "safe". We all just need to be extra diligent and make sure that idiots are being reported when found and anyone unaware of the rule is made aware.

  • I am completely new here. (Hi all) This is my first topic and first post. So please forgive me for not having any background knowledge of your community.

    That said, I would not be here if you had a whitelist. I played the server to see if it is what the website claimed it to be. Try before you buy, so to speak.

    Tonight I met a fellow who my in-game friend attacked for no reason. The fellow survived (axe beat kitchen knife) and despite his wounds I allowed him time and distance to heal and then provided food for which he choose to trade a pistol clip. We went our own ways.

    Later, I was cooking food in a building near the coast after finally finding a stove for my gas canister, when a different fellow approached my locked building and spoke to me. Despite both having shotguns we communicated like humans, not the lying gun wielding psychopaths I am used to meeting on the only official server I have played until now. He put his gun away when asked, I unlocked the door (before remembering to put my gun away when asked) and he even entered the building with the offer of food before leaving without a fight and not waiting outside to shoot me when I left. This doesn't happen on official servers as I think you all are aware. At least not to me.

    These, plus other, experiences have made me come here tonight and sign up an account. This is not what I have come to expect from the official server. You have something different here and that is apparent to me after only a short visit. If I had to sign up an account and provide my steam details to access such a trial then I am certain I would not have bothered. I was more than happy on official servers and its taken a casual gamer like me a couple of weeks to give your server some good play time.

    I am not saying you should not whitelist your server but I very much doubt I would have had these good experiences if you had.

    Thanks for being open to new players. Your server is not like official even if it does attract some undesirables. Be careful not to shut yourselves away.

    I look forward to more fun.

  • towards Rodney's comment (welcome aboard btw!) That's the rub, if we go whitelist we lost the random people who happened into the server. That said, those are usually the ones either not aware of the rules, or actively disregarding them. I've personally witnessed big name streamers using third party comms to coordinate. I've also encountered people who had no idea there was a comms rule (people like me typically disable server messages for immersions sake.)

    What I would suggest is exactly what DUG has done. You signup for the whitelist, the server is mostly open to all but during specific events or whatnot, only whitelisted users can access the server. In this way, the "try before you buy" model still fits. I personally don't think providing your steamID is that much effort because it's literally not.

    In this way, everyone can signup, people who don't can still play until the admins determine and event should be whitelisted, or maybe a whitelisted weekend here and there. Once you get a few interactions on the village you'll be willing to sign up I'd think.

  • A whitelist might keep out some of the rule breakers, but it won't keep them all out.

    People will find a reason to break rules anyway. We just have to report whatever suspicious activity we see, and when ever we meet new people, tell them about the community and about the rules of the server.

    There's days and some times weeks between each time I play on the server now, but every time it's full or about to be full. A whitelist would probably not affect those numbers by very much. If you wanna see who's on, you can just check the server list like always, and if "Safe" means less chance of being killed on sight, then I struggle to see the negative side of that. I'm not for or against a whitelist, I just don't think the server will change much from it.

    Just my two cents,