• I get your point but I am not for removing this rule, this rule is one of the things why people come here. Personally I wouldn't just change a rule because some dickheads can't follow them. People are getting banned for this, streamers and no-streamers. Without this rule you will probably just got more fights and kos as people don't need to use in-game talk anymore all the time,

  • I was lucky enough to read the orginal post and could see the view point that was both informative and well argued.

    Although I'm against VOIP, it occurred to me that perhaps only the official protectors Guards should have it, but that might be a slippery slope.

    My thoughts were, that having a central body, the Guards, coordinating the whole defense of Chernarus would be like in Real Life.

    Imagine the Guards getting the alert about an invasion of some faction into a town.

    However, for me, the pros and cons, and implications are so hard to foresee.

  • Malkom While we appreciate the vote of confidence for us to use VOIP, it would give us a distinct advantage. Instead, we encourage our Guard to use radios....VOiP without the ban.

    I didn’t see 2Dogs comments but he’s a long time member of the community and respected.

    We do want to keep this community free of rule breakers, there are many hundreds of people here that do follow the rules, if you suspect an individual is not playing fair, submit a ticket 🎫

    See you at the Village

  • The fact I did not hear back from Rene was an indicator, in my books hes the boss on this server, its HIS server. I messaged him on Steam too and no response so I thought it was not gonna fly with him, deleted my posts...I love all Rene has done for the community and I've also seen him get ripped off by it too, I respect him a lot...and I do understand why, its always been a MAJOR rule for good folks to follow. But no bad folks have followed.

    Its just crushing that everytime I am on the server no one is using a that may be just bad timing...but the server has been up for year(s) now, at first everyone was using a radio, was super cool, but not no more, and if theres an exploit to the game well, people will find it immediately....same old same old...squads of people not just bandits, faction bandits, but also just new players who want to ...for lack of better words "fuck up shit". And this VOIP rule has crippled the Guards....if you want to debate is my reasoning...every player that actually has a radio on their character should be able to chat on a private channel....radios are not just 5 channels IRL, but again impossible to prove or police except amongst "good" guys. Videos for the Village require "good guys" proof of a radio. Again easily exploited but adds for more story and content in the desperate need for a handheld. Bandit videos and shit, who cares we have our own morals they have theirs...Ive seen plenty of valiant deeds by "good guys" on the server and I trust that will fact, the honor amongst "good guys" is so high it would make all the "shit players" look like they are on bath salts...for real dude. If you play a good guy, you really do fight with the bravest. The Village is the only server I have seen where the good guys have that much heart. period. Always willing to help and defend. Thats a good guy to me.

    The guards could institute that rule, squads could institute that rule. The reality that really gets me is that anyone who wants to mess with the village can do so if they want to by breaking the VOIP rule. period...its that big of an advantage. Let put 25 people in say...umm...Trafalgar Square, London England, give them only VOIP as they run for their lives in different directions into various buildings escaping a "instant chat" 5 man army coordinating attacks from all make s no sense!....You Do have factions trying to be "good" on the server, its turned into a full on KOS server basically....lifting this rule will bring you back to the platform of competing with major servers (like DUG) that allow private the credit of the good guys on this server...they /we went through hell, and I know for a flippin FACT many would come back given the fighting chance knowing they can fight back...and not risk being banned...think about how insanely popular this server was....and now can be on its literal existing fanbase who jumped at it from the start....? Want peace to play guitar and roast anything other than human meat on a fire?Lets go...but how can you play guitar and roast anything on a fire besides human meat if the "in-server village" is fighting uncoordinated against a coordinated force....not happening...its ...its plain as day. the argument that people wouldnt chat in game whilst in the village...nonsense everyone would, if they werent in your squad and you wanted interaction...if everyone wanted Peaceful interaction...they would.

    How else would you get to meet new people....?...or that guy you thought has amazing yodelling skills?

    how many people who wanted to be heroes were cut down by bandits or casual squads...just breaking that tell me. I can say from my own experience that I saw saw many turn to the we draw them back? or do you like it the way it is? I want to play fair all the time . and fair to me is to let everyone communicate...

    I know many Guards on this server...and I do know how the Guards will do their best to survive...but still they are at a massive disadvantage. I also know many "Former Guards" and they all say the same thing..."how are you supposed to defend against a coordinated enemy?" the answer is you can, but your trapped within VOIP radiance and it so easy to lose contact within seconds. Believe me its not fun being a Guard when a squad decides they are going to surround the Village , send one dude in to get intel, guard positions, player group positions then light the place up, mow it right causes mass hysteria, all the time the attackers know where everyone is and where they themselves are and its just no good. So...with that in mind, we need to quit splitting hairs here and lift that rule. The server is missing essence...This is not "Atlantis!" This the Village...its unique.

    My argument is that this server has a great rep and I dont think that rule would change much if that rule was lifted. It would give the Guards a fighting chance. and Also Vigilante groups better scope of how to communicate with Guards. As it stands now, the Good guys don't stand a chance and if you wanna think not all bad guys dont use external comms...I love to see your proof....not once have I seen a video that shows bandits from start to finish using VOIP and detailing their attack to show they are using it ...a good example would be to hear a bandit say "if we lose contact... meet here...." never EVER heard that kinda stuff ... "lets all rush here and then meet up at here" nope, never seen that in bandit you be the judge....DUG has flourished without it, and other servers as well....I dont want to see the village die. Lifting the VOIP will only strengthen the good factions IMO , lessen guilt in shifty ways...revitalize the "GOOD" side of the server tilting the scales...and increase server wide communication between factions and give the good guys a fighting chance.... thanks for all your comments especially you Freeranger, your a scholar and a gentleman.

  • Like I said earlier I personally now the strugles, but said that, I am not familiar with the amount the village gets everyday. I am still against the removing of the rule, but I also wouldn't have a problem if it got removed, but only when the biggest part of the community can vote (preferably only people on the forum as they are probably the biggest group of interactive players (Friendly's and (good) bandits. The real 'community' so to say. And most importantly if Rene would agree with the change as it is his server and what ever will be happening with the rule, I believe we can all agree that Barely Infected and Spaggie both deserve all the love and respect they can get for giving us this amazing server!

  • I have considered this in the past. But I always chose to keep it. I also feel the core of this community always voiced and even voted at some point to keep it. Of course not everyone agrees with this rule and I understand. But I feel that if you want to use voip, there are thousands of other servers to play on. Feedback is always welcome and feel free to discuss this matter, it was not needed to remove your comments 2Dogs. With your permission I can restore the post.

  • a new vote....that could run for a month would decide it ...maybe? Its a 50/50....most bandits I would "think" would down it....whereas the people who actually know this site might have something to say. As buddy mentioned would only be relevant if people who have registered voted. I would be interested on your reasons for keeping it though Rene?

  • Here are a few thoughts on Guards having VOIP.

    I'm a farmer, not a fighter, so my ignorance is huge.

    Also I don't know the rich history of The Village,

    @MollyMagoo told me about its beginning, wish I were there.

    So will Guard VOIP ruin or improve things, or stay much the same.
    Below is just about Guard engagements etc.

    Assume server full at peak play time

    - 75 survivors include the following

    - 10 Guards

    - 15 law abiding in countryside

    - 15 law abiding in the towns

    - 15 havoc(bandits etc) not using VOIP

    - 20 havoc using VOIP

    Chernarus is huge

    - 225 sq km, 50 towns and villages

    - how will Guards get intel about events

    - will there be a Guard in each main town

    - if scattered how to respond to events

    - do Guards have any vehicles

    - running is slow, especially when geared up, expecting ambushes

    - Guards will die, must respawn, gear up, long run back

    Guards fighting against a no-VOIP havoc squad occupying a town

    - havoc would expect Guards to arrive in force:

    - would have to plan meticuously before they disperse

    - could prepare their defences, ambushes etc

    - but they have no VOIP so at big disadvantage

    - perhaps Guards might win much of the time

    Guards fighting against VOIP havoc squad occupying a town

    - havoc would expect Guards to arrive in force:

    - could plan and execute even when dispersed

    - could prepare their defences, ambushes etc

    - VOIP means they could be proactive outside town

    - VOIP allows them to shadow Guards and give intel

    - their VOIP gives them overall advantage

    - perhaps Guards might still lose much of the time

    There are a lot of newbie assumptions above, also assume:

    - Guards and their opponents have similar skill sets

    - similar numbers of Guards and havoc in each engagement

    - over time the Guards will adapt and become elite units

    - but Chernarus might become more DANGEROUS as more and

    more outsiders come to take the Guards on.