Leopold the Jäger Introduces Himself

  • Hello Everyone!

    after roaming The Village exclusively since it's launch I've finally made the jump and registered in the forums as well.

    I have been a lonewolf player enjoying scavenging Chernarus and thrive off the land. On the village you will always recognize me by my wellies, capris, and a flat cap (since I am a enthusiastic hunter and fisher). Accordingly I am not a bandit and will strictly shoot in self defense. So feel safe to come by and say Hi should you recognize me (please don't jumpscare me ;)) around town.

    Recently I've been creating the "Hunter's Hideout" which shall function as a retreat for all those who don't want to participate in the carnage. Here people should cooperate and have access to shelter, food and clothing (once sewing leather is working again) It's my intention to keep it open to others but having learnt from the village there will be a process how to contact and get the location details - for now. More details might be following soon in the factions section.

    Alright I think that's it for now - See you in Chernarus!

    Beste Grüße

    Leopold von Stetten

  • I met Leopold at the Hunter hideout. He is a very nice guy, and made a lovely base. It's peaceful over there, it makes one sentimental. (Poem is from Heinrich Heine


    Auf Flüglen des Gesanges,

    Herzliebchen, trag ich dich fort,

    Fort nach den Fluren des Ganges,

    Da weiss ich den schönsten Ort;

    Da Liegt ein rothblühender Garten,

    Im stillen Mondenschein;

    Die Lotosblumen erwarten

    Ihr trautes Schwesterlein.

    Die Veilchen kichern und kosen

    Und schau'n nach den Sternen empor;

    Heimlich erzählen die Rosen

    Sich düftende Mährchen ins Ohr

    Es hüpfen herbei und lauschen

    die frommen klugen Gazell'n

    und in der Ferne rauschen

    des heil'gen Stromes Well'n.

    Dort wollen wir niedersinken

    unter dem Palmenbaum

    und Lieb und Ruhe trinken

    und träumen seligen Traum

    Medic of the Nice Guys Rescue Team (NGRT); Head of the McBeal Institute of Post Apocalyptic Medicine (MIPAM)

  • Hullo Leopold.

    Sounds like we are of like minds. I hope to bump into you out there, I too am a Hunter but dress more American (camo hunting clothes) etc. I sometimes where tactical gear if scrounging around military installations but when I am just roaming the countryside I'm usually equipped with a shotgun or rifle almost always on my shoulder, I rarely approach someone gun drawn, bad form for a hunter if you know what I mean. I try to kill only in self defense but when cornered it's a fine line between shooting first or becoming fertilizer...

    Anyway be safe and don't let the wolves get you. They are out there and and there is nothing more chilling than hearing the howl of a wolf and you realize there is no shelter in sight.

  • I have met you a few times in game I think. Always polite and shared what you had with me. You were running about carrying a mountain backpack the last time we met.

    Stay safe out there mate. Hope to see you again soon.

    Hi Bobby

    nice to see my good deeds went not unnoticed!

    Hey Leopold! McBeal told me that you are a nice guy!

    Hey Simz

    I am and if you drop by I will hopefully have my chests filled soon with meat and produce now that the Hunters Hideout will be rebuilt anew.

    Poem is from Heinrich Heine

    Very nice made feel just a little more at home in these harsh woods.

    Since it's pretty fitting to the quiet and loniless in the woods check out my favorite German poem "Wandrers Nachtlied - Ein Gleiches"


    Über allen Gipfeln

    Ist Ruh,

    In allen Wipfeln

    Spürest du

    Kaum einen Hauch;

    Die Vögelein schweigen im Walde.

    Warte nur, balde

    Ruhest du auch.


    O’er all the hilltops

    Is quiet now,

    In all the treetops

    Hearest thou

    Hardly a breath;

    The birds are asleep in the trees:

    Wait, soon like these

    Thou too shalt rest.

    Cheers to everyone and let's enjoy the new patch!


  • Goethe! Beautiful

    Medic of the Nice Guys Rescue Team (NGRT); Head of the McBeal Institute of Post Apocalyptic Medicine (MIPAM)