Hi all, just found the server and I think I will love it here. Character info below.

  • Hi, I am Kris.

    I have traveled from Altis in my makeshift boat.

    I have hear rumors of better lands north and most of all better soil, Altis is land was barren, even more after the outbreak. Survivors where starving and lets just say it got ugly pretty quick.

    I was stationed there in Royal Engineers, I had my basic training, but mostly just fixed stuff around the base. When the outbreak hit I was out of the base trying to salvage flipped HEMTT truck.

    After surviving for few weeks some friendly survivors said up north is better and safer lands, so I made a raft with a friend I met, half way we encountered a storm and my friend Matt had been swept away with all our supplies.

    So really hopping these shores are better.

    (will update latter wanna play now )

    Day 1. I landed on the shores of Kamishovo. Right away I meet a friendly face. He has some basic gear and a rifle, I ask him has he been here long. He replies he has been here for some 20 minutes and invites me to the nearby Police station where he has set up a small camp, he offers me the juicy freshly grown Green Peppers, I knew these lands will be fertile. In my excitement of these new lands, I ask him if he's going inland, he say's nahh. We exchange some small talk and he helps me find a hatchet and I say we need to prepare for the dark, need to find some glow sticks and I go looking. After a while I come back and I can't find my new found friend, embarrassingly I did not even asked his name, I wait for a while... no sign of him. I wonder have I been to abrupt? Maybe folks here are not as worried about survival and take things more easy. After some time I see some survival running around in the distance, I approach but I believe this is not my new found (and already lost) friend, I try to say hello but without a word he runs the opposite direction as if not seen me at all. I guess not everyone is as welcoming as my first contact.

    I run inland, see a car, he ignores my plea for a lift, but I don't blame him I doubt I would take such risk to stop. I run further and kill a chicken just before the dark. Im set up in a house cooking some decent meal for once.

    Must find the Village the Matt kept talking about.