Introduction addendum

  • Hi Village!

    As a addendum to my short introduction@player database a few weeks ago, I would like to proper introduce myself as survivor and

    I’m a friendly player, with exceptions such as justice, defense(extending to non-combatants, neutral medics inc. & rightful property) and honest...sometimes plain revenge. For the time I’m a lone wolf that teams up when the possibility is there, at some point I expect to join a clan but for now I observe in attempt to pick the “right” team when time comes.

    The reason that I joined the Village was pretty random, after returning, 2 weeks ago, being absent from dayz since 1.01, I picked the first server from favorites that came to my mind. The first day/night I meet 2 friendly survivors, one at the time, had a lot of fun and at least one of the players was honest and told about a conflict he was part in(I had to ask why he constantly was interrogating me...)

    The next night I was lucky again and meet 2 friendly players, this time it was a team that I joined(temporary!). I really enjoyed helping them in there quest for a car, but the really funny thing… they where the oppression to the conflict I was told about the night before! And now I heart the story from the opposite side, quit amusing for both me and them(I think) when I told(not in details) about my experience the night before.

    I joined quite random, but stayed due to these 4 people. Because when 2 so opposite sides in the same community both can be so friendly and easy going - I did see it was a safe bet and was confirmed after-worth, with a lot of interactions.


    Like the dark night but dislike no-stamina and about KoS? Yes, it’s essential for the experience, but without the real interactions(robbery included) it’s just not worth it.

    Prefer the vanilla experience, but don’t mind mods, as long as they are not intrusive – the mods that add content that just seems to be part of game.

    Will always try to interact friendly, but when possible I like to study your beforehand so if a zombie drops, for no reasons, a few feet away… it’s might just be me stalking you :)

    When time for a clan comes, I will get into what I can bring to the table - besides the above.

    I’m looking forward to meet you all (some again) on website, discord and on server.

  • Thanks Kamikaze.

    FreeRanger, I will find you guards “out there” ;)

    Thanks Mr. Arnovich, since I’ve seen your post on forums I’ve been giving you a thought for solution every-time I’ve seen car parts, but they are sooo unmanageable – got some sparkplugs tho, that I took with you in mind, you need?(then I’ll come by these days).

  • btw, I know my name kinda suck for a lot of people(various languages), I understand danish is tricky and excuse for my bad choice.

    I see it at almost every interaction, but due to general rules I can’t and won’t change my in-game name, so often I’ll just go by klar, Rune and for those that can’t pronounce* that... call me whatever you want(as long I know it’s me you are talking to)

    * it’s just René with a “u” or the first part of runestone ;)