A story about a guy I knew..



    Dear Villagers,

    It has come to my attention that some people have wanted to see me banned from the server. My fourth account has now been terminated (btw 160€).

    I feel as though some people have made me unwanted on this server without good reason. Lots of rumors has been spread about me in the last couple of months and I do believe this has caused people to look at me differently. I think it's sad it had to come to this. I do think that I add a lot of great roleplay and interaction to this fine established server, on the banditry side of things.

    It's been a fun ride, friends, but it's time we go our seperate ways. It's not you, it's me..

    I do admit I have ban evaded. But my original ban that led me to ban evade wasn't on (what I believe to be) fair grounds.

    I do understand that some people like to sit around a campfire and cook food.
    I do understand that some people just like to hunt animals and live off the land.
    I do understand that some people don't appreciate my not-so-friendly way of interaction: But at the end of the day, it's a sandbox. I got banned for "being a dick"
    What is being a dick? I've robbed, I've killed, I've stolen, so? Haven't you?
    Did I do it to the wrong people? Guess so.

    In Jack Wayward's tweet he said they wouldn't ban anyone for killing an admin. But I'm here to let you know, they'll certaintly ban you if you kill the wrong people once too many. Once you're disliked they'll look for a reason to ban you and you'll be gone.

    Whether we were friends or foe, I appreciate the times we've had and respect you as a player in this sandbox game.

    Good luck out there survivors, may we meet again.
    Yours truly,
    Mike Hunt

    (To the admins, I hope you'll leave this thread up so I can say a proper goodbye and have my side of the story out there.)

  • Adios amigos. I will always remember our Brokeback Mountain moment in the small tent at the lumber yard. There was more wood available than I expected! I had bitten off more than I could chew. On the bright side my dental reconstruction is almost complete. The things I will do for a can of beans.

    Farewell my love and take care

    Hugs and kisses

    Just Jack xxx