Wanted ....Sergei (runs with Mike Hunt)

  • Hello blood hounds and bounty hunters.

    Target : Sergei

    Affiliation : unknown

    Bounty : My friends....name your price 😀

    Crime : Execution of CSF faction member

    This is a challenge ladies and gents. A crime took place recently that involves the execution of an unarmed CSF faction member. An incredibly handsome, intelligent, well hung gent by the name of Just Jack.

    While on a diplomatic mission to the village to secure advice on contacting the leader of THE DIVISION he was captured after almost subduing 5 heavily armed bandits while armed only with a sewing kit.

    While the bandit leader MIKE HUNT was negotiating the epic capture of Jack a hot headed member of his group going by the name SERGEI executed poor Jack without so much as a "kiss my arse" and in direct conflict to MIKE HUNT'S orders to take Jack alive.

    This type of brutality cannot and will not be tolerated by the CSF. As such we are offering a reward for the capture of this most unpleasant individual.

    For completion of this bounty Sergei must be delivered to CSF headquarters ALIVE for an unbiased televised trial by jury consisting of only CSF members.

    Such is the demand for this individuals capture that if members of the bandit fraternity were to hand over Sergei they would not be harmed during handover of this criminal.

    CSF members will also be making their own endeavours to apprehend this MOST WANTED criminal.

    Good luck my friends and keep on surviving :)