Cherneraus Safe Forces Adventures

  • After a day hard working on the base with some of the CSF Members we got 5 members together, Ghipa , LOU , Neall NUFC , Parker and me. We had a nice campfire made and baked some nice steak on them and discussing what we would do together. Parker decided to go to the village and help there a bit. They rest of us were planning to go to the NWAF.

    We heard that a other member Gopnik22 was in novy so we decided to go first pick him up there. We met each other in the church. While Lou, Neall and I were already inside with Gopnik, Gipha saw 2 guys sneaking around the church and while trying to get sneaky behind them, he got discovered. Lucky for him the just hold him up and asked for friends. When we reacted I believe they got a bit scared of our numbers and just asked for foods and left. Gipha only losing his food and maybe a bit of his dignity. In the mean time it got dark, we eat something and decided to move on to stary. When we got there it was already looted and we decided to go to the well, Gopnik had to leave already sadly enough because diner was done.

    We filled our bottles/canteens/pots. We started to move to NWAF, but before we got out of town we got attacked by a group of infected, shots where fired, chaos broke lose. After Lou, Gipha and I regrouped, Lou noticed that I was bleeding and already yellow blood... Quickly bandaging myself when I see i just have half a bandage and no rags. We quickly go upstairs while me blood level gets to red. Ghipa is bandinning me when I passe out. Silence.... Suddenly the sound like somebody is pushing on something? When I slowly regain me sight. The bleeding stopt. No mayor health damage, we were some what safe, full on drink and food. What can go wrong you ask? Well a lot....

    First thing what happend: I was just moved a bit in front of a closet, when I pass out again, because still red blinking health. Apparently I glitched through the closet, so my friends didn't saw me pass out. When awake again they noticed me and I was stuck. After a few minutes and passing out a few more times. I got myself out with some rolling. All good again.

    But that was not all! I got a empty blood-bag and a ivf starter kit but no blood test for me or somebody else. I thought that I read somewhere that you could just safely share blood. So Lou put some blood in the bag and gave it to me... It al looked fine, until I got a bactaria symbol and my blood started decline again. Blood was just solid red again... I was already accepting the fact that I would die there and we were already planning things for when I died. Lou and Neall had to stop soon and just when ghipa decided to stay protect my gear, I noticed that my blood lvl was rising again! and the bacteria got away! All good again and for the moment. We changed our plans and now planning to go for VMC. In the mean while it was getting light again. After a quick stop at the medical building, a new infuse but this time just a saline back (I also founded out that I got bloodtype O+).

    When crossing the field from the medical building to the west, we heard some shots pretty close by. We run to the tree line and got a bit separated after regrouping together Lou and Neall decided to go. After saying good bye Ghipa and I moved along to VMC. On our way there we met a fellow survivor sadly enough I didn't got his name, but for me sounded a bit German. He was looking for The Great Wall of Persistence and was heading to Berezino. I hoped he got there safely. We talked for a bit and then we both did go our way.

    After a bit of scouting we got into VMC from the south. While entering the compound we heard some pistols shots, like firing on infected, not a fire fight. We decided to just loot the the barracks closer by, found some ammo in the first but nothing special. While moving from one to the other barrack I notice somebody standing in window on the ground floor room. I sprint into the L-shape barrack and try if it is maybe close enough to talk with him, it wasn't apparently. Suddenly a voice that was saying: "Hello?" a survivor called kurtz? (Skurts?) after listing back the recording I wasn't sure. He said he was looking for other survivors for hours now, first at the wal and now here. He asked if he could move along with us and we agreed, suddenly he opened the door and sprinted out. I didn't trust it and wanted to go immediately, after some waiting Ghipa followed and we follow the little stream down south/west. We didn't saw him anymore , but after a while we heard probably him shooting his whole shotgun magazine empty. Sorry man if you read this and just didn't trust it and I didn't want to die.

    So far a few encounters and so far the most danger we really had were infected. I was planning to now move down south to pay a visited to our allies Big Iron and maybe have a interview with there leader and possible the leader of the Cherno Police. I heard that the Big Iron were just heading north and we decided to meet-up at Myshkino. Ghipa and I went on our way, when we are just a bit between Vybor and Pustoshka suddenly Ghippa: "A crash! I see smoke!". While I search I can see the smoke and when we are approaching Ghipa says to just scout it out first and wait, but I wanted a SVD and didn't want to wait! When we are by the crash we see that somebody else has been here before us, we just check to be sure, I wanted to move on just when my eye fel on that beautiful weapon without thinking I grab it, in a flash seeing a mag attached, you are not gonna tell me I find a SVD with mag right? Gopnik and I got in a house and check our loot. The SVD indeed got mag, which i quickly reload with the mosin ammo I had in hope to find a mosin quickly, not expecting to find a svd.

    After our lucky found we continued our trip. On the way we found some wolves and after a few shots and 3 death wolves later we continued again full with Wolves Steak. We reached the camp before our friends and we started killing the infected and looting the camp. In the camp I was lucky enough to find myself a nice NV scope. Our friends from Big Iron arrived not much later, after some greetings and getting some gifts from Its Locus and GuitarMan (if i'm right), Thank you both! We moved together to a house to start a fire and bake the wolf steak Gipha and I got. Just when we arrived at the house, we all got kicked out of the server, because apparently Spaggie thought it was a good time for a back-up :*. After the server got back online It was just Locus and me, we were just baking and eating the steak and waiting for a other friend of locus. When me internet decided that it was enough for today. A event full day I can say and you can be sure that there will be following a video about the trip. Was nice seeing everybody today and no shooting at us as far as we now.

  • I really enjoyed it guys, real life responsibilities ended it for me. Just after i logged off i remembered i locked all the doors, i was affraid you guys had no lockpick.

    To add to the story: while in the church in novo, after the guys left who held up Ghipa , we where stalked by one or more guys who probably couldnt get in (locked the door). We had 2 or more guys guarding the door. We kept ourself safe, because that is what SAFE forces do😊.

  • Thank you all for wonderful night of adventuring WITHOUT getting shot even once for a change :)

    Building, stalking stalkers encounter, spooky night in a church with someone moving and shooting outside, looting, rescuing Kamikazekoe96 with first aid (and miraculously found saline), meeting random guy out in a field, meeting Scourge (I think was his name) who wasn't telling was the whole truth and just took off, finding helicrash, getting cornered by wolves to finally meet allies and get some military loot.

    And now the pictures:




  • A story in pictures today. Just a regular day...

    So which way is Berezino anyway?


    All brace for a bumpy ride


    Sun is already setting, better get the one headlight we have on



    Didn't help much. Paying last respects to the car...


    Guess we will walk from now on


    Sunrise over the coast