Monthly Cleanup: Inactive Factions

Most inactive factions have been deleted. If you want to re-activate your faction, simply re-create, but keep in mind that we will erase factions with less than 3 members on a regular basis.

Also please consider joining one of the established factions before creating your own. There are plenty of active factions that might fit your playstyle. To get in touch and learn more about particular factions simply visit their faction page, connect on their comments section and contact the leader.

Please also note that newly found / not-established factions might not be considered when claiming a territory on the faction map. Please direct all faction-related discussion to the corresponding forum.

  • my faction ;-;
    • Sorry, buddy.. A faction is being moved to "inactive" for quite a while before actually being deleted... so you probably had at least 3-4 (probably more) weeks to recruit enough members.
  • I agree join factions already made but i do think sometimes you gotta do it your own way :) my 2 cent
    • Agree.. but we really don't need the 100th "We rob people" faction consisting of just 1 person :)