Recommended Rule Change: We will NOT allow locked down bases anymore in the current state of the game

Hello Villagers!

First of all I want to wish you a happy new year! For me the last year has been a bit of a rollercoaster as you probably know. The holidays have given me time to reflect on a few things. This has led to a change in the rules which will impact the current way of doing some things on the server. Some of you already have gotten some information of what this entails and that is:

We will NOT allow locked down bases anymore in the current state of the game.

This rule will be enforced on January 8.

There are multiple reasons for this and the first one is that I'm just not behind it anymore. I didn't like it when the first locked base happened and there were always complaints coming towards me because of locked down areas. I have always defended it because just like some of you, I saw it like the only way to protect and defend the bases.

I understand completely why everyone is doing it but at the moment we're supporting something that the developers themselves cannot support which is base building.

It is not very realistic when you look at the approach the Devs are probably going to take which is that all bases will be attackable and enterable with the right tools. The tents and our enforcement of the rules at the moment do not allow that.

This is also not what I set out to do initially which was to have an open Village which everyone could support. Having locked down bases is also not friendly towards new people who are joining the server and are expecting the Village experience.

It's also costing everyone a lot of frustration and time which we actually could be playing and having fun. Glitching etc. of course is still a bannable offence but it will be less of a problem when the locked down bases are not allowed anymore.

This does not mean that the people who have been reported for glitching will be unbanned or something as they did break the rules of the server.

How to proceed from here? One might ask.

Well, this is DayZ, we can proceed however we want. The Village Guards are regrouping to open the Village back up again and we can use all the help. I'm sure the Settlement and the Queens Guard will do the same.

Hopefully the first iteration of beta will support some form of base building (walls and such) so we can support it going forward.

I wish you all the best and I hope to see you guys in and around the Village again,


René :bi:

  • When does this rule change take place?
  • You can now expect to find 10x as many bases glitched into every fucking area possible but no one will get banned bc you would literally have to have recorded someone glitching an item and caught them red handed to get them banned (HA not gonna happen) the staff has completely fucked the whole server and I wouldn't be surprised to see it die soon. 10% of the server supports this rule mostly staff, what is the real benefit behind this stupid rule?
    • Hallejuah
    • I know I am slightly late here. I was absent for the most part. There's something I don't understand here Sarge. Why is it that you turn this to the "staff"? I don't see how this has anything to do with anyone but René.

      This is a decision made by René, not me, not us. No, René. He consulted some other people on it, and we (our little staff team) had a meeting where he basically just shared the news. The very beginning of the meeting basically started with the words that the title of this news-post has.

      As I have mentioned before I stayed neutral because of a very specific reason. Way back when the Village was just an idea. René would tell us about it and what we think about it. We shared some thoughts and that and it slowly became a thing (solely by René, I am not taking any credit here), but I was there. I am a moderator because I want to help René with his project. Please note "his" in that sentence. I am not here as an obstacle for him nor his ideas.

      This doesn't mean I always agree with his decisions. And I am not saying that I don't have a saying in anything or I just never have any opinion that counts for anything. There's also plenty of times where René ask for my opinion on something, but in the case of a rule change it's not really up to me. It has nothing to do with me and never will have (probably). A moderator enforces rules. That is not creating them. If that makes sense.

      Anyway I am not trying to start another war here, and I don't want this to turn into a massive conversation where everybody are shouting at each other, it was just something that I wondered about in your message.


  • As new player I don't think not allowing locked bases will bring more people in the server. I'd like to join a faction and play with them having a base. In this way the server IMHO won't be different than the others.
  • Ya know, a normal person would have realized their mistake by now. I'm not sure if you just don't understand what you've done or you're just to stubborn and you don't want to show any form of weakness by going back on your word... You 'had' a good server with an even better community, now we can kiss that all goodbye.
    • This server and community has not been built around locked bases. If you leave because of that you were not here for the good reasons probably.
    • The server and community has however being built around organic factions, and apart of that was factions having static, secure bases that they could operate out of, It gave factions a real, tangible presence in certain areas of the world, which was the coolest and most unique feature of the server.

      I find it telling that the only people defending this rule so vocally are Rene, most of the staff, and Village guards. Almost like there's some sort of motivation to ensure the Village as the only established, static base...
    • What did i say about leaving the server? Everyone but the guards hate the decision, you guys are fine with it because you guys were the least successful, but now that we have been handicapped, you're gonna be able to be right beside us, getting raided and despawned every night... but you guys are already used to that, soooo what do you have to lose from this rule??
    • It's not about being successful. I can even tell you that people in the settlement are totally Okay with this rules. There's only a bunch of you that are realy vocal about it and don't want to respect René's decision. So no, not everyone disagrees with him.
    • Idk which faction your talking about but mostly all the settlement members hate the rule and don't like it at all.
  • I have been sitting back and reading comments and thinking about how this change will affect the server. The only positive change I see this making is it lightens the workload of staff. But in my opinion, goes against the organic environment argument that has been used to shoot down many other suggested changes to the server. This does nothing to stop glitching. It does nothing to stop despawning. In fact, it makes this easier to do. I just don't get why you wouldn't want to lock down and secure your items. It's organic. We all do it every day. But, I am going to sit back and see what happens, as I am unsure as to what my future on this server is.
    • dude really?? i think what rene is doing is correct and am 100% behind him maybe he could of said have lock bases when no faction members are on but having a locked base all day i dont think that should be aloud so your thinking off leaving cause of it. Whiskey we are nomads anyways we dont have bases so chill man.
    • We'll talk more in private @EverestNations
  • It started as great idea and it ends with imo stupid decisions. Absolutely disagree with the new rules and how it got enforced. Shouldve ask the community aswell what they are thinking first and its clear that most disagree. Lot of people, lot of good people quitting and its a result of no good communication and wrong decisions. I had so many great moments, met so many cool people but as long as it not get handled properly i leave the server, sad to leave so many cool people behind but with such rules its no fun at all.
    • Rene doesn't think it's necessary to ask the community since his name is on this server...
    • Yeah ive read through most of the comments here and its just sad its get handled in this way.
  • come on guys you all need to chill rene is right just chill out ITS JUST A GAME
    • Ahhhh I see. Now you say that I see Rene is right. That’s cleared it up, thanks 😜
    • This works both as an argument for and against the change, ironically.
    • i am 100% behind him i wont change my mind maybe he could have locked bases when no faction memeber is on but when there on at the base it should be open but am happy :)
  • What a shame this is. For a new player on the server to gather information about the actual village is difficult in itself. So when they learn that their isn't a village, they head towards The Settlement as an alternative, I know I did. In my opinion, the most appealing thing about this server is the factions and for them to claim a certain area on the map.

    The interactions on this server are better than any other server I've played and probably will ever play. This is because of the factions and claimed areas of the map where you can meet new players, trade gear and most of all... have fun. The removal of locked down bases is nothing but a negative for everyone. Yes, the village will have more traffic than before, but I can guarantee that the village will not last more than a week due to this traffic. Other parts of Chernarus will practically be empty. The rule change is also making the faction map practically pointless, even though a faction can still call a certain town "home".

    Why should the owners of locked down bases be punished for putting time into building and maintaining a base (which the community enjoys) and have it destroyed by the people making the decisions - who don't play the server as much as others and don't put the time in to maintain a base.

    For such a heavy-hitting rule change to be made without gathering any thoughts/ideas from the community is very disappointing to say the least. Let's face it, The Settlement and The Queen's Guard have acted as a replacement for the village recently. Both factions are ran more efficiently than the village has (since I started playing on this server anyway). It just seems like you are more than happy to destroy one of the more enjoyable aspects of the server and let the server die (after reading some of your replies to other comments)... because people will start to leave the server as a result of this.
  • I'm very new to the game and the server, but I'd like to give my opinion too. To me looks like Renè is just trying to do something that will be helpful for the future implementations in the beta. That is good. Also he did it because he wants to help the vision of the village, which is why the server exist in the first place.
    But this community looks so special, factions taking areas of the map, making a place they can call base, home. That is some great roleplay.
    So what I think about all this is that Renè made his choice with the best of intentions, but the outcome is not good. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake.
    To me is a mistake because this is not a game where u can log in the same server with thousands of people and there will be always someone to rotate to take care of your open base, like in other games. Open bases would mean that you either lose your base, or you rotate with your friends 24h everyday.. that is not having fun, that is chore at best. With 60 slots in a server is impossible to maintain the beautiful factions and roleplay that has been on the server if the new rule is applied.
    Just my opinion guys.
  • It's so disappointing how Renee thinks this will actually benefit the community, when our community has already created something that we love, something that has been working for months, and something that makes us unique instead of being like DUG. The fact that he doesn't listen to his community on this issue makes me lose all respect for the guy. What a shame. Welcome to the DUG server, everyone...
  • I started playing on this server last week and i met 2 members of the landpirates they asked me if i wanted to join them and i did. this last week was probably the most fun i had in dayZ in a long time. that is mostly because i finaly got the thing i have been waiting for, for four years and that is base building. some of the landpirates knew how to make our base more secure so it wasnt gonna get despawned after 1 day. this finaly gave me a goal in the game and that is to ry to expand our base and just have a place to meet with our friends. now im actually pretty sad that this has to change. i honestly think this is a bad desicion but i will accept it because its not my server of course.
  • so in essence, its ok to shit on the community that made the server one of the top in DayZ? that's what that means right?
    • Watch it. If you *think* René is even SLIGHTLY ''Shitting on the community'', then you have obviously no idea what's going on.
    • so ignoring the communitys opinion, the people who play here DAILY, is listening to them now? sorry, I'm not filtering myself on a forum where everyone eles opinions are.
    • I have nothing against Rene and have never heard anything but good about him, but its not right to ignore the majority of the community, no matter if 'youre name' is on it or not.
    • Unfortunately it's the reality of the situation we're going have to accept. Read Rene's response to these debates and remember how he views the community in the future. Otherwise, there's still some discussion to be had about this.

      Try to keep it level Fergy. You really don't want to cop a one week ban for being a little miffed on this comment section. The moderators seem to understand it's a contentious issue and are being lenient with people's comments, but don't give them a reason to slam the hammer down, you feel?
    • I'm saying things that need to be said and heard, in a tone they don't like, so its forced to be paid attention to. Other factions did a better job at being a "Village" and now we're being punished for it. Jealousy. I don't care who says its not, that is the driving force behind this decision, from a community standpoint.

      "I'm taking my ball and going home so no one can play ball"
  • Just checking the name of the guy that paid for the server

    oh, it's me

    you're very welcome guests in my house

    I have some rules, one of the rules is that the rules may change

    They did

    Rene is working to keep the server alive, I wanted to shut it down after the second week, which was the shutdown date of the extended schedule

    If you're truly saying you're part of the server community then the community should have some charity to understand the personal sacrifices being made by admins to keep you afloat

    Did I go on holiday with my family at christmas for a few days, no I did not, because I know you guys would be maxing the server and some idle hands were sniffing around trying to do bad things in the sky above you

    This is a necessary rule change, and the rule change is in the rules, and has parallel on other DayZ servers

    You want to feel 'safe' in your camp, DayZ is not about feeling safe, the admins will no longer keep you safe. The no closed camps is actually irrelevant and just Rene trying to be nice and placate admins and The Community

    He's on your side and look how some people are berating him

    We'd like you to continue playing on The Village, there's some really great folk, but we understand if you go elsewhere. On January the 9th if the server is empty we'll close it down and get a good nights sleep, the first for 4 months that doesn't have pings in the night
    • Dude, I think nobody tries to be ungrateful with Rene and of course there are ways to show your disagreement with the new rule and any kind of disrespect should not be tolerated.

      We are only discussing about the probable consequences of this new server rule because we care about its future (server) and we want it to succeed, thats all. Whoever wants to go or stay is the each one decision but I think that assuming that kind of drastic positions (all of us) does not help at all. Rene tried to explain the reasons behind this decisión with which you can agree or not, but the man argued about that.

      On the other hand, if you believe that the discussion is about having "a safe place" protected by the administration, I think you are completely missing the point. It is about the distinctive feature that this server had different than others and how will be his future once it does not have it. I say this because it will be very difficult to rebuild the Village and keep it up with these rules and with the huge number of people they are no longer interested in helping with that idea. It was difficult before (with a Village almost nonexistent for more than a month - please correct me if I'm wrong -) so it is natural that people do not see the short term with too much hope.

      I know you're probably way above these kind of discussions about in-game issues, i fully understand that. But, I repeat ... the worst thing you guys (admins/mods) can do is assume a drastic position like "if you do not like it, you go... if you all go, we close it... we don´t need this" and we, the community, saying shit like: “Rene... you are trying to steal everyones happiness, you bad bad man, I'm going to eat your liver". That does not lead anywhere

      Only time will tell us whether users can get used to this new visión of the server or if the Village project just could not survive at this state of the game development. In any case, I personally believe that there is no need for all this drama. I think that all of us who play and love dayz have a general frustration about the game that makes us a little more dramatic than normal in every Dayz discussion.

      We're all inside this mud (Frustrating development of Dayz), so we dont need to stomp our heads to get out.
    • Jack, the hero we need but dont deserve.
    • This Turd fergusson guy starts to get pathetic by downvoting whatever doesn't go his way.
    • its too bad you cant double down vote.
    • So you can be double more negative ? Nice mindset.
  • I was typing an explanation how this rule will also affect us guards and The Village as wel. But hey, people already made up their minds before the rule is even in place and before even trying it. So why bother.. Last reaction from me guys
  • I completely understand the demand for basebuilding as this feature is lacking in our pre-beta build. This is where we get creative. Most of the closed bases are however glitched into fences to cover holes under them or abuses the collision system in other ways. It would not be possible to fortify a base using a tent in the real world and DayZ is a survival simulation. That being said, I totally understand both sides and I was content with the bases and the content they provided even though they created some serious lag sometimes. In the end, however, it is Rene's decision and I will keep playing on this great server. It's not the end of the world. Just get creative :)

    (And fingers crossed for hesco barriers and gates in the first version of beta)
  • I'm honestly alright with this until the new functionality comes with base building in beta.

    This rule change mirrors the reason the devs made the change to the camo/jail building by taking the loot out. Hopefully, with this, some of the cheaters may get bored and move along as to an extent it takes away their kicks.

    There would not even be a need for this rule change if we didn't have snivelling snivellers getting cheap laughs from de-spawning folks hard work, and people played the game as intended. But we all know the game at the moment does not have that functionality enabling players to counteract, so as far as I see, it's either this, or it's the status quo at the minute - which leads to folks spending their entire playtime restocking due to cheaters, and massive amounts of paranoia everywhere.

    I watched a couple of guards over Christmas spend 7+ hours over 2 game sessions (you know who you are!) trying to figure out a way to place tents just to stop the idiots who can't play the game as intended - only for all the base to be gone the next day. How, in it's turn, is that fun? It's a right pain in the backside.

    Hopefully, Brian willing, that functionality arrives soon. While we wait, maybe more creative solutions for base security will be found.
    • i don't get why those who are sick of it can't just stop then? why does it need to be a rule for those of us still willing to try that we aren't allowed to?

      we tried having an open base wich got despawned even more then the one we have hidden inside a building, the despawners don't care that it's a closed base, they just care that theres some sort of base they can make go bye bye.
    • Why is a base a must have? The game isn't ready for it yet. Grab tents and place them around the map, make travels visiting them and supplying them. Some will be gone, others will still be there. You'll also find tents from other people, take what you need and keep traveling
    • A base is not a "Must" but it is a thing that unites people, specially those whom do not have the time to spent X amount of time to repeatingly rebuild it. And placing tents around the map, comes with the problem of heavy time spending. Personally I came onto the this to seek out people to speak and enteract with them, so that I could build up cool scenarios happen. But if I would have to repeatingly log on, to experiance my stagged gear being gone, I would have to go and gather the gear and spend X amount of time to regain it.

      I loose the amount of time that I can "roleplay" or enteract with other members on this server, which leave me to not enjoy my time, along with the large amount of K.O.S ing, that would make me wish to simply stop playing, as an four hours gear run, could end with me having to do such once again, because I have no base, no tent or nooooooo container.

      If one wishes to make this server a bandit hub and a large gathering of people that only kills one another, instead of trading, talking and having great experiances. I do not know about you, but the guys I´ve gathered along with myself, Have come onto this server to enjoy the fruite of the BI teams labour and make great experiances with others.

      Where instead, this rule will make K.O.S and Bandits go from possible 30-40 percent, to a 70-80 percent, accurrance, I really wish that it can be understood that, this rule can become a death sentence for this community.
    • Its super easy for Village Guards to say 'why do you need a base?' when this rule doesn't affect theirs in the slightest.
    • Ummmm.... What you talkin about? Do you think we got some secret hidden base that nobody can get into? We are playing the same game as everybody else. Over the past couple months, trolls have caught on to the unique meta of this server and made it their life's mission to destroy anything that anybody builds. It became severely negative for morale all-around, and took up an inordinate amount of time trying to police bad actors who despawn everything they can find.

      If you wanna be mad at anyone, be mad at the nameless shitheads who who made it their mission to destroy everything the community had tried to build. Your anger is misplaced. don't be mad at the neighborhood market who decide to close their bathrooms to the public. Be mad at the faceless vandals who kept shitting in the urinals five times every day...
  • Greetings BI leaders.

    I am a leader of the faction "The land Pirates" a farely new faction I´ll admit. But being a new faction we´ve also tried a few different measures of base building. As setting up tents in the forest, which meant we lost our tents and got all our equipment despawned, after using two days to gather it, so that our faction could grow. Secondly we attempted to build a base with in walls to secure ourselves to build up our faction and go out and directly roleplay with people, instead we were forced to spent about eight hours, to keep -glitchers- out, whom had attempted to merely despawn our tents, which we caught them in the action in.

    I do not know about other players on this server, but I enjoy the time I´ve spent on this server so far, even through the glitchers. But as a student and a doctor, I do not have the time to repeatingly spent about thirty hours a week, to get my faction to gather supplies and cheer them up from repeaten despawn attacks from random people whom do not follow the servers rules.

    I would fully support this idea, if the server placed a code onto it, so those whom wished to join it, were not people that merely wished to kill people, for mere boredom, yet people whom are dedicated to the vision of this server. So that folks whom already numbers in over 100plus people on this webside, I believe, can enjoy the fruites of your labour, instead of having to deal with random people jumping onto the server, with out reading the rules or care about this community, can ruin the fun.

    Personally, if I cannot give my faction the security to allow them to have a life beside Dayz standalone, I am sorry to say, but I will move my folks onto another place, until the Beta allows building of bases, that can be secure from glitchers and abusers of the games flaws.

    I enjoy this server and your labour, do not ruin your vision with a detail, with out giving us some security from horrible abusers of flaws.
  • Ok we have some people here that don't like this rule. And i understand it, quite a lot of factions here have been working their asses of to get a base up and running. And for the last few weeks bases are getting despawned overnight... I have seen the hate against these griefers in the Discord, and yes i cant agree more that every single one should be banned. But look at it like this: When we stop trying to build bases people cant glitch in, we don't have to worry about that anymore, we don't have to get angry anymore when another [****] has glitched in and despawned everything. With the current state Dayz is in we're not supposed to have big non accessible bases. There are tents in the game to place somewhere and store some gear, not to block of a doorway or act as a wall. If we stop trying to do and create things the game is not yet ready for, we can start playing the game it IS ready for.
    Rene has started this server as an experiment, it grew to be something more. After the experiment the entire community wanted to keep this server going, so here we still are. We grew, we changed and the community changed. We now have great factions, we have amazing people hear i call my friends. And now we are going into a new experiment. None of us know where this will go, not Rene, not the mods and not me or you. I also have some doubts about this rule, but i am willing to try it, and i am willing to help everyone who needs it. All i want to ask if you guys want to try it as well
    • Gave up defending? Every single day guards came on and try to rebuild. And every single day guards died trying to keep it standing. Even Christmas eve and Christmas day guards came online when word came out The Village was under attack. No one gave up defending, every single one of the guards has worked their asses of to try and keep the village going. And i have been one of the captains that said to let it go and enjoy Christmas with their loved ones
    • The guards worked really hard, there were long days of just defending, again and again and again.

      I don't know how you did it

      If only more people had stayed on mission and not gone off to emerge their own opinion of what the server should be and do

      Emergence is very very cool, we love it

      But it went wrong in a few places, eg, the server admins claimed Zel as their faction town... pretty much were never there ... we laughed at a couple of folk telling us they were coming to Zel to kill us

      We were hardly ever there

      Still owned it, still do, never go

      Emergent gameplay would define that wee are there, all the time, challenging travellers and taxing them in some way, or helping them, and that'd be great

      We were, as a group, at the village more (or getting shot by Queens Guard just outside)

      Because we work hard to not meta, there's many things that have happened that we will not talk about.
    • Yeah to be honest we don't know how we did it either ... I guess most guards are just fantastic people anyway (yeah ... OK maybe i personally recruited half of them ... right ?) :D

      To be honest i think when people just all went in their corner of the map to make their base was really wrong and completly defeated the purpose of THE VILLAGE server wich is to have one big village run by every friendlies.
    • The thing is Mike the server has evolved (emerged?? 😀) since the days of the first villages. Even in the early days factions were building alternate camps. It’s not “wrong” and it hasn’t “defeated” any purpose. It’s just different to what it started out as. That’s just natural especially in an open game like DayZ. I agree guards have done a good job and worked hard. But you are forgetting (not aware of) all the hardwork put in by the whole community to make this server the interesting place it is today. We have friendly bases, bandit bases, trading bases, an awesome pub! Oh and a village.. its more than just the village, and it’s better for it.
    • This was my point of view and i think we both know we don't agree on that we had lengthy civil conversations about it. ^^

      DUG already does the faction systems and you can find everything there, bandit bases, cannibal bases, trading bases etc ... I don't think René was aiming to copy that, right now we are like DUG but without regular White listing.
  • yes WIPE pls
  • after some youtube videos i understand...
  • Will we get a persistence wipe seeing as most of the faction bases used glitched barrels to block off areas?
  • Whats the point with locked down bases? You canüt raid or destroy it?
  • Let's look ahead for a moment to a time when base building and barricading is possible. Rene, please can you share your vision when this is possible. Will you still implement the rule of not locking down bases?
  • Barely Infected - just for the sake of clarity, who did you consult with this decision on? Who constituted this group of individuals that apparently supported this before you made it public? Was it faction leaders? Moderators? Some of your friends?
    • I will never go against a decision that René makes, when it comes to the server. I offered moderating the Discord, Website, and to some extend handle server related things (relaying information to the server admin) for René's sake. He's a good friend, and I just want to help him out. He has helped me out a lot in the past and it's the very least I can do to return the favor to him.

      My personal opinion is not voiced in this matter.

      He has talked to us (staff) about this change (for clarification the staff is by far the only people René has contacted before making this change. I myself only know some of the people he has contacted before making the final decision). I mentioned a couple of things, but I remain completely neutral on the matter. Afterall, as I mentioned, I am here to help out René, and what goals and changes he wants to fulfill is none of my concern.
    • So pretty much as I thought: he consulted a bunch of Yes Men about a change that affects the community more than it does anyone else.

      It's pretty disappointing how this was handled, never mind the rule change itself.
    • Can't you just keep it civil, like a gentleman ? Like make points and arguments instead of calling names ? You are not happy, we got it.
    • I'm not really sure how else to say Yes Men without calling it what it is. And it is my point, the consultants this decision was based off were people close to Rene or loyal to Rene who would not disagree with him despite personal reservations (as TikTac'tical has mentioned.)

      You've already stated this isn't a democratic process, but Rene clearly sought the agreement of others before making the decision. In a sense, it was democratic, but I'd argue the most important part of the population wasn't included, for whatever reason.
    • First and foremost; I do not want you to make assumptions based on what I have been told on the matter. I am not the only person who has been contacted in regards to this, and I am sure René will get back to you if he deems it necessary to explain who he has contacted on the matter.

      Secondly; I was explaining what had been discussed with me, and how I 'acted' on it. That does not make everybody who René has contacted 'yes men', and I never said 'yes' to anything. I just received the message and acted accordingly. In this case, considering I didn't word my opinion, I just remained neutral.
  • Maybe a little democratic poll would shed some light to this matter, unless it has been already 100% decided and there is not turning back? "A wise king always listens to the peoples opinion"
    • What people seem to not understand here is that this server is just a reflection of what René like and wants for DayZ, offered by Spaggie. This is not a democratic server, it is privately paid. If that bothers you that he is the only decider then you should try another server maybe ? Nothing against you this message is more for all the people asking who decided that and that it wasn't fair to not consult community, well i'm sorry but it's fair.
    • So you're saying that the community should have absolutely no say in how the server that they've spent so much time on should be run? None? Even though this is the community that has made the server remotely notable in the first place?

      I agree that he's paying, he can run it as he pleases... but you truly believe there's no benefit to Rene consulting with the wider community before making such drastic changes? That everyone should fall in line or leave?
    • i think most people understand that, they just also want to voice their opinions, and yes he does own the server, but is top down really the way you wanna go about it? i've seen entire games die out due to developers making bad decisions, the same thing can happend with a community. the problem here is the admins don't have the tools to keep the despawners at bay, they don't want to set a password because the community should be open, they now want people to stop blocking wich was the only line of defense against despawners besides having people camp your base for the entire time of server uptime.

      you can't have your cake and eat it too, sometimes you gotta pick and choose, if he wants no blocking that's fine, but it's gonna ruin basing for all the factions, it takes the village out of the village, as it would be near impossible to build and maintain one.
    • This is the best server I have played and I respect Rene`s decision whatever it is. He is a cool guy and I understand both viewpoints for the basebuilding issue. Just tried a little diplomacy :)
    • All i say is that he's the one running the server and paying for it, he wants to run a server that matches his vision of DayZ, if what the community wants differ from what the server owner wants then maybe the community should change server ?

      There surely have benefits to consult the community, but try to see it from another perspective : René is not idiot and if that rule is so widely found on popular servers, that's for a good reason.

      Anyway i wouldn't pay for a server with rules i don't agree with so i see no problem with him doing that.
  • No point in pouring days and even weeks into building a base and community if it's going to get despawned the same night we set it up. But I guess this is the ultimate way to get rid of despawneres and glitchers. Nobody will do it if there isn't any bases around to despawn.
    • You say having closed bases isn't a part of your vision of what this server is supposed to be, it's not the goal. What IS the goal, if I may ask? How do you see this improving the server experience?
    • Like I partly get it, the Village itself could stand to be a little more open and not barricaded close, sure. That means newcomers can walk on in without being intimidated by a wall of tents.

      But why needlessly enforce that rule on other factions? Why does the Settlement and FTQ need to feature the same kind of openness?
    • The main goal has always remained the same; Create and maintain a Village. Other than that (compared to other servers)I feel this is a very friendly server with lots of interactions and radio usage. DayZ is a free world and people can do what they want as long as they don't break any rules.
    • The Queens guard and Settlement did what the village could not do in creating a better place with a better system.. and thats the reason I feel people got a bit jealous and said we want everyone back together in the village like before but most people dont like going there anymore.
    • Maybe that is the case but that is not the reason for the change in the rules. I understand the dynamics have changed a lot since the start and that's fine for me.
  • Totally against this rule... If this is to bring us factions back to the village together then nahhh that's not working out.. Server will die soon if it stays that way sadly
  • That means admins tired to ban glitchers. Unpacking tents looks like easy way to stop glitching .
    What about the banned players for glitching?
    • It's not just us being tired to ban glitchers, the reasons are in the post. Glitching is still a bannable offence. They broke the rules so they will remain banned.
    • what Lee is saying is that was a head ache for admins to deal with reports and ban requests and appeals to do with accessing inaccessible locations. Probably due to the introduction of the rule that people will be banned for glitching into bases.
    • You're camp is accessible whether it's closed or not. The 'protection' of admins started as good will and a view of what's fair, we've been pulled apart by trying to 'do the right thing' and be the human fix in an Alpha piece of software, people trying to do a thing which, in DayZ, they'll never be able to do

      You can't build impenetrable camps in DayZ, and probably never will

      The glitch rule was never about bases, never ever, people just read it as that and we tried to 'do the right thing' but it's false protection and it became unsstainable over christmas. We wanted to shut the server down

      Rene is on your side and we're trying it Rene's way to see how it goes
  • This is sad to hear. I very much enjoy my little house. I can't imagine it would remain where it is for very long if I were forced to leave an entrance unobstructed.

    I do adore this community, but I'll regrettably play elsewhere if I'm forced to bow to what I consider unreasonable restrictions.
    • I am sorry to hear that.
    • I'm not so sure you are, to be honest.
    • He is, genuinely

      If The Village is no longer the server for you, there are many other great servers out there, be aware though that this rule is already in existence on others, so check

      Good Luck
    • A primary asset of remorse is guilt or regret, neither which seem to be evident - but I digress.

      Do you have any other particular servers to recommend that are somewhat similar?
  • This is a terrible idea. Right now, having locked down bases means factions can afford to make a claim to an area, and have a single place of operation that people can expect to find them (which is a super cool aspect of factions). Locked bases prevent access by 90% of people, meaning only faction members or very specific glitchers have the ability to access these areas, ensuring some locations remain present for extended periods of time.

    What you're essentially suggesting is (due to some half-baked notion of "honouring the developers intentions"), that no-one should have a base. A base is impossible to sustain if it isn't secure. You're essentially totally dissolving the Settlement, as well as the bases of any faction that wants to hold territory. The Village has always been about supporting the freedom of organic gameplay, and putting such a ridiculous restriction on bases so suddenly, without a proper reason is only going to kill the server.

    I'm incredibly disappointed that this may be the path forward for the Village. I think it's a result of poor logic and reasoning. I think it will only exacerbate the problems people have with their work being destroyed. It will absolutely destroy the most fundamental and unique aspect of factions on this server. Luckily the changes aren't made until January 8th, so there is time to discuss it, but this rule would be just as ridiculous as telling people they can't store vehicles.
    • You cannot like my decision. But it's either that or shut down the server because I'm not gonna support something that I cannot stand behind. Watch your tone sir.
    • You would rather shut down the whole thing? Really?
    • This is probably the nicest way to say he disagrees with you. He even used nice language.
    • While you may want these changes, a part of your community does not. I really have to ask why you established a community if you're unwilling to make any compromise with their wishes.

      I have no idea why you feel obligated to enforce such an arcane rule, but all I ask is you consider the discussions around it and not threaten people for opposing your ideas. Ultimately of course, the decision is yours alone to make, but what's best for your conscience and what's best for the server are not necessarily the same thing. If you want the server to continue to flourish and experience new factions, then enabling them to secure a location will only encourage that. It's a damn shame. Large factions in particular are going to suffer because of this. For someone who once said they want factions to have a tangible in-game presence, this rule literally only stands to diminish that presence. FTQ are just another roaming party of gunmen without their rather iconic base.

      I'm not exactly expecting you to change your mind, but at least understand that you're going to be actively damaging one of the most unique aspects of the server to fulfill entirely selfish standards.
    • It is actually a pretty standard rule for many communities and even considered glitching. I'm only telling you to watch your tone. Don't put stuff into my mouth, I explained myself clearly in the post and if it wasn't what I stand by I wouldn't go through all of this trouble would I? Either you live with it or you don't. I think it's important that the server is aligned with my and the developers vision of DayZ.