Happy Christmas and an Awesome New Year!

Hello there Villagers,

Before I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year I want to make a short summary of this community called the Village and the rollercoaster it has been.

What started out as a 10 day event has become so much bigger now and I think we can all be proud of that. We went from 0 members at September 10 to close to 1500 members on the forum at 24 December. We have a little more followers on the twitter account and we have been mentioned in more status reports than any other community since we started.

The server is still full every European evening and we have a lot of people joining us from even the furthest countries like Australia. This is a big result, seeing the preferred option seems to be third person for most of the DayZ players. I also want to remind you that this is one of the only servers that is offering the day and night cycle we see in the experimental servers. This is a perfect atmosphere for story based content creation imo! J

We can also see that as there are many and many videos available on YouTube regarding the Village so if you’re bored during the holidays I would advise you to search “DayZ Village” on YouTube and enjoy yourselves!

DayZ Village YouTube Videos

Thank you so much for your interest in something that is not all about pointless roaming the map and not specifically pvp centered. Before starting the event I thought the Village would be overrun from Day 2 and while we definitely get overrun quite often we always rebuild and keep up the good fight.

This community has become a home for many of us and with the future updates and possibilities there are many more things to come.

Special thanks to:

- Spaggie and team for hosting the server and keeping it safe!

- DanZ for creating and hosting a platform for us where we all can get together.

- The moderators who have to be patient with my often too gentle approach of things and who have been spending a lot of time in keeping the environment nice and friendly.

- Uncuepa and Karrigan for maintaining our awesome faction map and radio frequency images.

- The Guards who have put a lot of time in protecting and building and rebuilding the Village.

- Axe and his Settlement for providing a similar but alternative experience on the server.

- The Queen's Guard who are trying to safe keep everyone AND maintain their own public base on the map with great results!

- To all of you Villagers who are keeping this whole thing alive!

After Christmas I’m planning to make a video where I talk more about the Village and I bet 2018 will change a lot for everyone in the DayZ Community.

From me and the staff I want to wish you all a Happy Christmas and an Awesome New Year!

René, TikTac’tical, Baroness and Axe