Recommended Server Wipe incoming!


We have been informed by our host Spaggie that the game server needs to be wiped in order to fix a few things regarding persistence and performance. This is the first time in three months and taking all the glitched barrels and abandoned camps into account, the wipe will actually help regular players finding barrels again. It will also help the spawn table a lot since all those abandoned camps may contain rare equipment that is not currently respawning anymore.

The server wipe will happen on December 1st, 2017 (afternoon) and only affects world containers (e.g. Barrels, Tents, Protector Cases) and not items you character is holding!

Please use the comments section of this post for all questions regarding the wipe.

  • Could do with another tbh.
  • What is the timezone for the reset?
  • Does this mean holding a tent in my hands will save it from being deleted?
    • Yes
    • oh come on! this sucks, everyone is going to hold his barrel in his hands and im not able to find one for the next 30 yrs
    • Nothing we can do about this. But at least one can only hold ONE barrel and I'm sure some have more than one. Also all these glitched barrels will be gone.. plus the abandoned ones by players being inactive (e.g. banned).
  • To be fair i think the Village could benefit from this on a regular basis.
    • Sort of destroys the ability (and necessity) for factions to have and create bases. It's fine for the village, which gets destroyed every four days, but for the factions and individuals who have their camps they use regularly, it'd be a real pain.

      More so what needs to happen is Persistence needs to be fixed by BI.
    • I think 3-4 times PER YEAR is fine - also take into account that each bigger patch will wipe persistence AND chars anyway.
  • These are some awesome news!
  • Are vehicles also going to have their inventories reset, as well as positions? Or is this limited entirely to placeable containers?