Faction Report #1: The Settlement


We would like to put a spotlight on outstanding factions of the DayZ Village every now and then. And this week we would like to start with "The Settlement" - a trader faction that has been around for quite a while and recently found a new (and pretty astonishing) home.

"The Settlement" was founded by Axe who started as the local merchant of the Village back in Zub and continued to follow The Village to the Green Mountain Barn and most recently Novaya Petrovka. He later on detached from the Village itself and started his own encampment near Orlovets before moving on to Rify - the huge shipwreck on the Mid-Eastern coast of Chernarus.

"The Settlement" has always been closely connected to the Village and we are glad to announce that they decided to officially join the Village Alliance this week.

Axe recently published a guided tour around their trader base - but see for yourself!

Stay tuned for next week's faction report, introducing the hostile faction "Dead Presidents".