Server Rules

rules_server.pngThe Village DayZ server is being hosted by Their general rules apply.

To ensure the best gaming experience we ask players on The Village to follow these rules. Breaking these guidelines might will result in a server ban.

Do not change your in game name without permission of an admin!
 Do not use third party VOIP programs (e.g. TeamSpeak) nor the in game text chat!
Glitching, Hacking, Duping et cetera will lead to a permanent ban and will be reported to Steam.
Players with previous VAC bans may be banned automatically.
Players with bans on befriended game servers may be banned.
 Racial slurs and excessive harassment will not be tolerated.
Constant Griefing (e.g. pointless despawning of public bases) will not be tolerated.
Locked down (i.e. inaccessible) bases are no longer allowed in this state of the game.

Important:  Ban appeals and player complaints will solely processed via the corresponding forms on