Community Rules

forum_rules.pngLife could be so easy. But most of the time it's not. So we feel it's necessary to put up some rules of conduct for members of this community.

The website operates on a penalty system. Admins and moderators will sentence misbehaviour with penalty points. 50 points automatically lead to a 24h ban (probation). 100 points will lead to a permanent ban.

The rules are simple ...

As a rule of thumb: Don't be a dick!
Trolling, Spamming & harassment of any kind will not be tolerated!
Do not discuss or complain about alleged cases of KOS and/or server bans in public!
Posting illegal content (e.g. hacks, drug related stuff, warez) is prohibited!
Public denunciations will not be tolerated (except for roleplay-reasons like bounties)!
Account sharing and/or having multiple forum accounts is a bannable violation!
Keep all images and posts work-safe!
Racial slurs and sexual harassment (verbal and/or visual) are prohibited!
Please don't meta (e.g. post about in-game camps or current events)