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    Background of the Stalingrad Front

    The Stalingrad Front (or TSF) was formed by a group of leftist students attending the University of Chenarus. These Students were part of a leftist club on campus called The Stalingrad Front named in homage to the Red Army that defeated Nazi Germany's invasion of Russia during World War 2. The group consisted of many local and Russian students but also housed many members of color who were international students from Africa, Asia and the Americas; many of these students of color were attending the University of Chenarus through a scholarship program funded by communist orgs worldwide.

    Zombie Outbreak

    Upon the outbreak of a Zombie Apocalypse in 2009 throughout Cheanrus; TSF armed and organized themselves by looting police stations, abandoned military locations, and abandoned civilian towns for weapons to defend themselves from factions and police who were shooting & robbing survivors. TSF employs extreme uses of guerrilla warfare tactics inspired by the Cuban Revolution; their mission is to liberate oppressed survivors from fascist and capitalist factions.

    The group does not tolerate racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, and fascists, any person sympathizing with the aforementioned will be executed or put into a labor camp (or gulag) to provide meals for the people of Kamyshovo.


    (anyone else not listed is an imposer spreading bourgeoisie propaganda)










    IB - Inglorious Bastards

    Enemies aka GULAG invitees:

    The National Unity Party of Chernarus - NUP

    Chenraus Defense Force - CDF

    Location & Uniform

    TSF operates and controls the town of Kamyshovo as it is the sight that has seen the most bloodshed in post-apocalyptic Chenarus. TSF chose the Kamyshovo Police Station as their HQ after a bloody battle with the Kamyshovo Police; TSF killed all police officers in the town because they were abusing their power and being quote "class traitor pigs:.

    Their uniform requires a red Armband and red face bandanna; as well as any red or Soviet attire.

    "We are sick of being oppressed by bourgeoisie factions who shoot on sight and monopolize military areas for loot! The loot of the military land should belong to all the people of Chenarus! We are here to destroy Chenarus Capitalism! Racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, and fascists will be sent to Gulags or dealt with AT THE WALL!!" - Commandante JayKenobi


    Background information:

    Reverend Frank Stone and Father David came to Chernarus to preach and help people 25 years ago. They were liked and many people considered them as true heroes of the poor people. But something strange happened and one night the militia came and dragged them from their beds violently. They were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in the Chernarus prison island`s horrible dungeons where they were tortured daily and kept in solitary confinements.

    To this day they both swear they are innocent of the crimes they were charged. The crimes were so brutal and horrendous that the files have since been locked away and now only Reverend Stone and Father David can tell about the crimes they were accused of.

    These men of faith were sentenced to rot away for their life but after spending 23 years in the prison island they managed to escape by digging a tunnel and swimming out. They barely survived the long swim and found a hiding place west from Lopatino. It was these days when the strange outbreak started to turn people to mad zombie like creatures...

    Reverend Stone and Father David were desperate, starving, cold and their small camp was surrounded by hordes of zombies. They were fighting fiercely against the zombies but there were just too many. Suddenly they heard a wild howl from the air. A big pack of wolves attacked the camp and slaughtered the zombies. After a fierce fight these two men were staring eye to eye with the leader of the wolves. The leader wolf was spectating them with very intelligent and curious eyes. The men were shaking and scared to death that soon they would share the faith of the zombies but instead the leader wolf made a mighty howl and slowly the wolves retreated and vanished into the treeline. It is told that this incident made a very strong bond between these two men and the wolves of Vavilovo....

    Too bad that the many years spent in the prison island had turned these men revengeful, paranoid and anti-social. Prison doctor classified them as incurable sociopaths and psychopaths who were to be treated with extra caution. Though there are rumors that the prison doctor was bribed to misdiagnose them so they get extra years but who knows what is the truth...


    Our mission is to help our wolfgod Dagoth and his pack to grow stronger. To accomplish our mission, we have to gather lots of human flesh for the wolf population so it can grown stronger and larger. With the help of Lord Dagoth and his pack we can purge the whole Chernarus from zombies and evil people and once again see the light from the darkness...

    Theme song:

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

    And we'll all stay free

    Praise the Lord and swing into position

    Can't afford to be a politician

    Praise the Lord, we're all between perdition

    Shouting Praise the Lord, we're on a mighty mission

    All aboard, we ain't a-goin' fishin'

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

    And we'll all stay free


    PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

    The Righteous is a religious following. Largely centered around the Catholic Church, the Righteous seek to assert religion into people's everyday lives. The morals of The Righteous are largely dictated by the The Righteous' interpretation of the bible. Considering this, The Righteous are neither bandits, nor heroes. The Righteous do not shed the blood of man, for he who sheds the blood of man shall have his blood shed. This, however, does not apply to heretics. Those who do not know Christ shall be punished by him. We are the lord's keepers, we punish in his name.

    And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. - Eph. 4:24


    The Righteous's roots go back years. Many of the members have been playing DayZ since patch .31, however, we didn't formally call ourselves The Righteous until July 2017 on another DayZ community server. Since our formal creation we have adopted many new Brothers. As a cult we have always tried to keep our in-game names anonymous. All Righteous members are known by Brother in-game.


    The Righteous have no formal recruitment system. Recruitment is a base-by-base occurrence. Typically people who wish to become Righteous play with us for an unset amount of time. We collectively decide if prospects should be inducted as Righteous. This is a means of quality control, and makes our group a little more prestigious. Quality control for us doesn't mean that you're good at PVP, but rather you fit in with us as a group. Age isn't necessarily a factor, however having a quality mic is almost always a factor.

    Your Religious orientation out of game is not a factor!


    About us: We are a small group of people dedicated to helping and supplying both hungry and thirsty survivors with supplies.

    Purpose: Providing people with nutritious food and beverages for consumption if given something in return.

    Location: Only given out to trusted people.

    Radio frequency: 102.5

    Please state your name upon arrival or when making deals with us in order to make the goods flow faster.

    Please keep your weapons on your back when dealing with us or when you arrive at our location.

    "Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing". -Irina Shayk


    [Disclaimer] We are not asocciated in any way with the previous faction of that name.

    Our mission

    The biggest fight might be over and the enemy scattered but it's not over for us. The world lies in ruin, zombies spread by the oppressor as biological warfare, no food or medical supplies for the citizens. To make things worse bandits and rogue military groups are robbing and killing defenseless citizens. This isn't a way to rebuild and repopulate the world! Can't you see this is exactly what they want? This has to stop.

    We need to unite, gather supplies in secret, make citizens feel safe again and make bandits' lives harder. We will continue to operate in hiding and strike any chance we get.

    About us

    We are international group of survivors who feel there is more to life than sniping unaware strangers. We prefer to interact with people that's why we tend to hang around the coast. Will you get help or bullet to the head from us is up to you. We don't have mercy for traitors of human race who pose as friendly and then shoot innocents in the back. We wear all black clothing to strike fear into the eyes of our enemies and wear our signature orange armbands to identify friendlies. As for the camouflage we mostly operate in urban environment anyway. You might also see our graffiti left in the cities of Chernarus to mark our presence.


    Orange Armbands, All Black Clothing


    Find us on 94.6 frequency.

    Due to the shortage of batteries we will be listening at every full hour. Given we are online, and have a working radio...


    We have many outposts and secret hideouts but no single land to call our own or home.

    Member info

    Invitation only. Meet us in game, gain our trust and you might be recruited... or you could always just shoot me a message as well.



    Land Pirates, two words that do not fit together, which explains the alot about the Land Pirates, as they are a odd mixture of people. Led by their Captain, Fenris Smoke, he gathered up and group of people whom sailed together over the sea, which ended in failure as they came to the black sea to fix their ship at one of the many harbours in Chernarus. What happend to their ship, Marria the brave to sink, have never been made public, yet is known as a sore subject. The Captain himself have become abit of a myth among the surviving pirates, some proclaim that he is a necromancer, as his crew never seem to fade away, no matter how much they are killed, repeatingly. The first mate himself, believes that the captain has the power to teleport around, to dodge bullets and child support. Many myths surrounds the captain, yet mant do not know if they are true or mere madness, yet the captain himself proclaims that he was a Doctor at one point, assisting others in wars long gone.

    The Land Pirates ship, Marria the brave, it is said it can still be seen near the coast of Chernarus at night, still sailing, with its ghostly crew. The ship itself was an old tanker, refitted into a cargo ship, no cannons was on it, beside the arms that the pirates had put onto it. Yet! one thing was and may still be on the sunken ship, the captains greatest treasure, a thing he´ve said to be more valueable than anything with in Chernarus.

    The Land Pirates will assist those in need, but if they are shot at they will destroy all whom threaten them.


    Captain: Fenris Smoke.

    First mate: Biizzz.

    Quartermaster: Audiopython.

    Navigator: ChuckleBerry

    Honourary Titles:

    Butcher of Elektro: Miles

    Hoarder of loot:

    The Cabin boy/girl: Zinderkae

    The Runt:

    Mascot: Biizzz