Public Apology from 2Dogs

  • Hey

    I wanna say my piece before Im out.

    I apologise for drunken behaiviour that includes personal insults...thats not cool.

    I dont feel its part of the game where this kinda thing is actually scaring people.

    I have always taken this stuff as tongue in cheek and added whilst in character.

    But hey I gotta right to say my side of the story.

    First of all , fact... I had no idea Rene gave you all the green light to start streaming on the server.

    I have never been one for discord and first and foremost I was attracted to the server because of the bare bones rules.

    When the server first started it was really was to meet so many cool peeps and have ACTUAL adventures that werent comprised of banter between folks slaggin the ownership or players/factions base.

    It was really good fun and memories I'll never forget in gaming was really cool.

    But all thats changed . And if Im honest it really got me upset. Im offering this apologie because really it should'nt...It got personal for me seeing this server go in the direction it did .Im not perfect and a human and I held this server with such high regard it wasnt funny.

    See thats what happens.

    Instead of trying to turn back the hands of time in a positive way, and not feed the anger I felt at the way things went.

    I just should've been happy with the experiance I had and left it at that.

    Truth is , Im not a guy that gonna go out and get revenge by stream sniping everyone to teach them a lesson. Thats not fun nor fair.

    I was very passionate about this server...I , as a grown man am apologising for falling into the trap of being a lower class player by hurling personal insults at people.

    Some of which were in character and some of which werent. None the less I hope this is an example of what NOT to do.

    So all that being said ...I wish to bury the one has made me do this...I do this for my own well being .

    DanZ can erase the D.E.D faction...its not needed and I was too drunk to properly explain the concept lol.

    So to all you I have offended , my apologies. I mainly apologise for any ill will I may have caused.

    Perhaps someday the server will come round again...I will look forward to it.

    Keep on surviving - 2Dogs